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  • What a kind style should I use for recommendations?

What a kind style should I use for recommendations?

26 SEP

I still think current general "How to make a recommendation" is very good but I think also "If you liked this what-ever-name anime for reason a and b, I think you might also like this not-so-known anime also!"

Well using that kind starting for general doesn't make the recommendation look like your own style at all. So I'm a bit wondering should I use different starting phrase for my recommendations or just stick current plain style.

What do you feel?


VivisQueen avatar VivisQueen
Nov 1, 2009

Write whatever comes to mind at the time. But keep these things in mind:

1) It helps if you rec UP in quality. So in the rec A ---> B, A should ideally be a better anime in your opinion than B. Or at least on par or not too much worse. Because what's the point in recommending something that's similar but is actually really bad quality so they won't enjoy it?

2) Choose links which are relevant and significant - just because two anime have mermaids in them, does not make them good for a rec. What about style of storytelling, for example? One might be a romantic comedy, the other an action edo-period shounen.

3) Check your spelling and punctuation are correct. It saves the mods A LOT of work.

4) Finally, to answer you question more directly, I usually say 'If you liked A, which has this and this and this trait, then you'll definitely like B because it's similar but also better. They have some differences, such as this and this, but generally if you liked one you'll like the other.' Keep it simple and straightforward.

Hope that helps. :)

FireFlower avatar FireFlower
Sep 27, 2009

Yeah guess you're right. Depends on the series what kind recommendation you will write.

Omurqi avatar Omurqi
Sep 26, 2009

It depends abit if it's a two-way or not for me, but I usually start with something like: "Both A and B share a [shared thingie]" or something similar, followed by a number of similarities. It's usually concluded with something along the lines of: "If you liked one of these for [reason], you'll enjoy the other as well!"

That, unless I suddenly have a moment of inspiration :P or feel the need to open / close with something like: "Fans of randomness / gore / pantyshots rejoice, these are the anime for you!"

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