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31 DEC

This year was a bit better than last year, I guess.

I started back at TAFE again in Febuary. Once again doing another course that I didn't really want to do. Surprisingly I actually sorta enjoyed the first half of the course but I didn't like the 2nd half of it. I don't know why. Through the course I made a couple of friends and also got a boyfriend. I'm glad I have a couple of friends down here now who have some of the same interests as I do.

Primeval series 3 started towards the end of February on Foxtel. I was really excited about seeing it and it was really good. Sad but good and super awesome! Later in the year I found out that it had been axed and there wouldn't be a 4th series due to money issues. That was horrible news especially since the 3rd series had been left on a huge cliff hanger >.< gah. Luckily a few months later it was re-newed and the 4th series will start tomorrow in England! I so can't wait to see series 4! I hope it comes out here soon.

In April I was able to go up to Queensland and visit my friends and go to Brisbane Supanova. That was fun except for one of my friends beeing in a really crappy mood while I was there. I got to meet Gareth David-Lloyd (Ianto from Torchwood) which was really awesome and lots of fun.

In June I got to go to Supanova Sydney which was also fun but I didn't like that I couldn't walk around by myself since Beau wouldn't let me >.< blah. It really annoyed me. Still, I had fun.

I managed to get a job for bit over a month as well. Still it was only once a week and after a few weeks I never got called back. Now I have to go looking for a job all over again. I really hate this. I hope I can find another job soon but it's really hard to.

Reel Anime was on again in September. I got to go see all the movies and had lots of fun and enjoyed most of them. I hope it'll be on again next year.

In December Virali came down to visit me which was super fun as well. I wish she could have stayed longer or something.

During the year I also had my external Harddrive die on me T-T that was sad because shortly before that I had to have two of my dogs put down. Cindy and Lady. They have been with me since I was about 2 years old. I loved them so much. And I had some really good photos of them on that harddrive. The computer guy is still trying to find the part he needs to try and get the stuff off of the harddrive. I hope he can but my changes are slim. Unfortunatly. So those two things made me really upset.

The new Beyblades were finally released here. Though I don't like them as much as the old ones I'm glad they finally came out.

So this year was alright. It wasn't great but slightly better than last year.

That's all I can remember for this year. So, Happy New Year Everyone!

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