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  • Christmas Once Again - Merry Christmas Everyone!

Christmas Once Again - Merry Christmas Everyone!

25 DEC

Woke up this morning around 3am. That's a surprise for Christmas morning since I usually get up at 1am. I didn't mind though since I can't open...well, don't want to open...my presents till mum gets home from work and I didn't want to wake her up at 3am since I knew she had to work.

When my Grandma got up I heard her wish mum Merry Christmas so I went out and wished them both Merry Christmas. Mum asked me if I had opened my Christmas stocking. I said no because I didn't think there'd be anything in it so I hadn't even bothered to check. My uncle stayed the night so all my presents were in the room he was staying in, that's why I thought there wouldn't be anything in my Christmas stocking. Mum went and got it for me and said there was stuff in it and that I could open that. I'm glad because now I have something to do.

So, I opened the stuff in it. I got a Bardok (DBZ) figure, Keychain of Deidara (Naruto) and it says 3 different things when you press the button XD it's cool, the 3rd volume of Loveless, a little Sky Shaymin (Pokemon) on a pokeball and Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness for the Gamecube. I have tried to get that game for years! Since I couldn't read the 3rd volumes of Loveless since I haven't read the 2nd one (don't have it) I decided to play my new pokemon game, so I did, it's really fun! The main guy in Pokemon Colosseum looks heaps cooler! But I still like the game. I played it for a bit till mum left for work.

About 8am my uncle got up and I wished him Merry Christmas then came back to the computer to check MAL and a few other sites and wish all my online friends Merry Christmas. My Aunt phoned around 8.30am, I didn't really want talk to her but I had to. Then I gave to Grandma and went back to my room and listened to my Pokemon Christmas CD for a bit. After that I checked Foxtel for Christmas movies...there was only 1 on -_- it's Christmas! There should be more Christmas movies on than just 1! Oh well, since there was nothing on I went and continued to play my new Pokemon game.

Beau phone around 2pm to let me know what he was doing, him and his family still hadn't eaten so he was leaving later than he had hoped to. Mum got home just before 3pm and we talked about her day at work before opening a few presents. I waited for Beau to arrive before I opened mine. Beau arrived around 5pm just before we were going to sit down to eat. I got to open a few of my presents but had to open the rest after we ate. After we finished eating mum phone my sister in England so once mum finished talking to her, I spoke to her. It was fun. After that she spoke to Grandma and I finished opening my presents.

For Christmas I got some anime DVDs, I finally got the 1st and 2nd original series of Pokemon! It's taken me 12 years since I got into Pokemon to finally get the whole original series. I also got some manga, a Beyblade stadium, Torchwood encyclopedia, box of chocolates, Hello Kitty glass, Hello Kitty chocolates, Nesquick chocolate flavor, a stocking with lollies in it, little Stitch plushie Keychain, Death Note necklace, One Piece wallet, video games, a framed photo of my dad, Kitty 2011 calender, Kagome (Inuyasha) bookmark, The Grinch DVD and a Kakuzu (Naruto) plushie. I think that's about all. Not sure. But it was good.

It was an alright year this year, I guess. No anime on SBS this Christmas which is a shame but oh well, I have plenty of DVDs to watch. Still doesn't feel much like Christmas though. >.<

Merry Christmas everyone!

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