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The Past Week

14 DEC

On Monday last week Virali came down to stay for a while which was so much fun! I was so excited to see her again.

My mum and I left around lunch on Monday to go to the Air Port to pick Virali up. We got there about an hour earlier so we had lunch then looked at a couple of the shops there. I finally managed to get the first in a series of books that I've been wanting to get. It's The Key to Rondo by Emily Rodda. I loved her Deltora Quest series and what I've read of Rown of Rin is alright too (Wouldn't mind reading more to see if I like it or not) so when mum told me about this series, I had a look at it and wanted to read it. But finding the first book was so hard, I could only ever find the 2nd and 3rd ones before. So I bought that and then we went to wait at the terminal that Virali would be arriving at. We still had half an hour left so I started reading my new book. I only got to read the first chapter but it was good, I like it. Eventually she arrived and we met each other and it was awesome. We still had the long train ride home though.

When we finally got home and said hi to my grandma and the pets, I showed her around the house since she hasn't visited me since I moved. Then we sat down and she showed me the cool anime stuff she had bought while visiting another friend. She also got me a really adorable Ciel (Kuroshitsuji) keychain, a Son Goku (Saiyuki) badge and some Naruto cards with Itachi-san on them and one of chibi Naruto. I really like all of them, even though I already had the Son Goku badge I don't mind having doubles.

On the Tuesday we just stayed home and did stuff. We watched some of Peacemaker, then we played Little Big Planet and Fire boy and water girl which are both really fun! She read some of my manga and let me read the Kuroshitsuji manga she had gotten, which I really like.

On Wednesday we did the same thing all over again and made plans for the rest of the week.

We went to the Aquarium on Thursday and Beau came too. That was really fun and I got a cure seal plushie and a cool shark plushie from there. Virali got me these two little funny looking (but cute) phone strap things but I really like them, not sure where I'm gonna put them yet though. I also bought the pack of the photo of the three of us that was taken at the entrance, it was a good photo. After that we walked around for a bit, Virali and Beau got cakes and then me and Virali got some gelato. After that we decided to head home, we took the long way though which I didn't like but Virali got to see the harbour bridge and opera house so it was ok.

On Friday we just stayed home again and continue to watch Peacemaker and play Little Big Planet and fire boy and water girl. It was fun. Beau came and stayed that night even though we didn't have room. We still managed though.

Saturday the three of us went to the Wild Life World which was next to the Aquarium. This time we got there by Monorail (A train in the sky) which was a lot easier and quicker than last time. It was fun there too, some things had been changed since the last time I went. Like the bird avery thingy is now where a crocodile named Rex is. He's huge and really awesome. There were some cute lizards and all the nocturnal creatures are so adorable! Really fast too. I got a Tasmanian Devil plushie and Bat plushie from there and a DVD (Who framed Roger Rabbit) because it was cheap and I've wanted it for a while. After that Beau wanted cake again so we went and got some then went into the shopping center and had something to eat there too. Then we headed home.

On Sunday we went to the city again to buy anime stuff. First we had tog o to Patty's Markets though because Virali's brother wanted something from there so we walked around there for a bit. I've never been before so it was interesting. Found some anime stuff there but didn't get to buy any of it. I want to go again sometime. After that we went to a couple of comic shops, one I hadn't been in before but it was really cheap, I'd like to go there again some time. They have a lot of really old stuff too that is hard to find now. Kings Comics had some good stuff, I got a couple volumes of Ueki on sale there which was great. Then we went and spent the rest of the time in Kinokuniya which was heaps of fun, I got most of what I wanted and an awesome Durarara!! fanbook thing.

Monday Beau went home and Virali and I played more of Little Big Planet, finished fire boy and water girl and watched more of Peacemaker. We ended up going to bed really late since we were trying to finish everything we had wanted to do because Virali had to go home on Tuesday.

Tuesday morning we got up early, Virali packed then we watched the last disc of Peacemaker and played a couple levels of Little Big Planet before we had to leave for the long trip to the Air Port.

Virali didn't want to go and I didn't want her to go but it was really fun having her here. I can't wait to see her again, whenever that may be. At least I can talk to here on the net till then.

And now I finally feel like watching anime and reading manga which is really good. So I'm gonna go and catch up on stuff.

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