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Konnichiwa! ^^

So it's here you're supost to write a bio.. it's just too bad that I can't come up with anything intrestiong to write.. but I guess that I can give a short introduktion of myself ^_^

My name is Fia, I'm 16 years old and live at the most boring place on earth (that I know of) so to find something intresting I tend to read and watch manga, animies and dramas from japan mostly but also from other countries in Asia.

At the moment, the biggest addiction that I have must be my JE (Johnny's Entertainment) addiction and because of it I've mostly been listening to the music from different groups from that agency, mostly Arashi, NEWS and KAT-TUN but there are also songs from TOKIO and Hey!Say!JUMP that I like ^_^

Send me a comment now =D

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dgmikep says...

Nice introduction :) Comment sent ;)

Oct 13, 2010
KatDJZ says...

Happy Birthday! ^^

Jan 9, 2010
KuroiHankachi says...

Happy Birthday! :3

Jan 9, 2010
cassiesheepgirl says...

Most of my want to watch list. :S Though some of the stuff has been in my pile for ages, I tend to look at what I have and watch what I feel in the mood for. :)

May 23, 2008
cassiesheepgirl says...

I haven't seen it, no.  But it sounds fairly interesting.  I may well give it a go when I've gotten through some of the pile of stuff I already have hee hee :)

May 23, 2008