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Ookami Kakushi


Being the type that has to finish anything I start, I grinded my self through this one. I have yet to watch an anime to make me quit before finishing.... Anyways.....

Story- 3/10

City of Hasaki has a secret that a new family moves into. Hiroshi, the main character has the odd chance that 1/100000 he gets to be the lucky guy where all the "Gods" drool over him, and while this is happening some mad guy is trying for revenge. lalala, boring. Who was interesting is Nemuru who happens to wield a huge scythe. Only bonus. Only, unless you count the slut named Isuzu, who drools over Hiroshi like a boss... To be honest, she was the one factor that almost made me quit before finishing it... Anyways..

Animation- 7/10

Decent, just ignore the horrible car effects, and the fact that it's always one car on the road at the same time....

Sound- 7/10

Decent, a few things  that made me cringe.... that annoying slut named Isuzu, and that wretched theme song for "Hasaki" on the tv....

Characters- 7/10

People I could stand- 3

People that made me cringe- alot



Watch it if you got time for a few rare laughs. Otherwise, waste of time.

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User Review Scores

  • Story 3/10
  • Animation 7/10
  • Sound 7/10
  • Characters 3/10
  • Overall 5/10


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