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Recent News!: I recently bought the entire Dragonball Z uncut box sets, all those orange new ones! All 9, plus the 2 GT ones, and the original 13 movies plus the 2 extra movies of DBZ too! YAYness! ^_^ (Thinking of getting Yu Yu Hakusho sometime too! ^_^) ~ Got Yu Yu Hakusho now too, Steamboy and Afro Samurai Ressurection movies cause they're da shit! ^_^ (Want to get all the original Dragonball in pretty box sets too soon...Amazon has preorders for them, can't wait! ^_^)

I'm more of a manga reader nowadays, and I've read a shitload of manga ever since I got into it back in like 2004, I think, since then I've just read about everything I could and wanted to. =\

I still enjoy anime but yeah I began to read again and got quicker at it, and all so yeah, plus I like to buy my anime and watch them in my room, I hate watching on the computer, and I wish I had more money to get more anime and manga and stuff but yeah. Also I would need more time to do those things as well. =\

My Top 5 Anime I couldn't tell you, I could never order them, and if we brought manga into the mix it'd make it even harder! =\

If you see people call me Akira I like that name too because of the movie Akira obviously, it being the first anime I saw, though I didn't know what anime was or even heard of the word before DBZ but yeah saw Akira when I was about 5 or 6 and just loved it, and in later years like 2000-2003 and on I began using Akira as my username and all, but yeah than I saw Dragonball and Sailor Moon and stuff every now and again, and things like Rockman/Megaman and Transformers and stuff like that but yeah when I was like 12-13 I saw DBZ and just became an instant fan as I also got on the interweb around that time, and there was only ever two sites I could visit a DBZ site and a Beast Wars site! And that's about how I got into anime, and all. LOL =P

I love owning and buying DVDs of anime too, especially box sets, they rock! ^_^

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whatBullet Apr 19, 2008

Hehe, yup :)

Couldn't get eniGma as my name, already used :(

But this is pretty cool, I can now keep a real close eye on what anime I've watched and what I can watch in the future.

MushiSan Apr 18, 2008

Theres nothing negative to choose from on the pic's clix's.Lame.

Kiki!Where's my cheddar cheeze friees!!?!?!?!?

kyuzosgirl Apr 18, 2008

awwww.... you like hearing about my life! you're very sweet.

yeah, when i first started really getting into the internet it was for research purposes only. mostly during grad school and only a little bit during my undergrad days. i, too, got more into it later on in like 2002 and on. but only somewhat because of my work schedule.

at that time, i lived in boston (and hubby lived in california), so i got to be on more than now, but still my time was limited b/c i had to get up SUPER early to get to work on time (commuting on the trains and subways took FOREVER) and due to the time difference, i wouldn't start talking to hubby until around midnight!!!!!! and having to get up at 4am in order to get to work by 8am took it's toll on me to say the least! my train into the city left at 6am... so i got up at 4am to get ready and then WALK one mile to the station! EEEEEP! once on the trains, it took about 2 hours to get to where i worked. ARGH! yeah, that time in my life sucked that way! X-)

anyway......... yeah. so, my time was limited. i had to get up early and b/c of my commute home, i normally didn't get home until like 7pm or so. so, not much time if you think about it b/c i still had to make myself dinner, clean up, take a nap so i'd be somewhat awake for when i talked to hubby, etc. plus, there were tv shows i liked watching every so often too AND i had to make time for my friends and to talk to my family. plus, i gamed a lot back then too. HAHAHA!

my time on the internet, once i got into and all, was mainly with fanfiction. then, it sort of spread from there b/c that's when i just started to understand it's potential.

ok.... i'll stop now b/c i'm like totally writing a book here! X-)

Greenleaf Apr 17, 2008

because i hate you!

lol, i havnt been around here too much.. yet :P

better nau?

kyuzosgirl Apr 17, 2008

yep.... you do.  see... i had to live life without the internet all throughout high school and even some of college!  and during my earlier college years, the internet was only beginning.  so it didn't have a whole lot on it yet and we didn't know how to really use it either!  LOLOL!  hard to believe, huh.  i even remember the first time i used e-mail and thinking that it was sort of stupid!  *shakes head at self*

 but yeah, hubby tries.  like i said, he's not into anime, but he knows i am and doesn't fault me for it or make fun of me or anything like that.  he tries to make sure i have some time here and there to watch a bit.  so sweet of him.  unlike my abusive ex who acted totally opposite of that!  DUMBASS! 

anyway, now you know like my whole back story!  LOLOLOL!  don't you feel privileged?!?!?!  jk