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Recent News!: I recently bought the entire Dragonball Z uncut box sets, all those orange new ones! All 9, plus the 2 GT ones, and the original 13 movies plus the 2 extra movies of DBZ too! YAYness! ^_^ (Thinking of getting Yu Yu Hakusho sometime too! ^_^) ~ Got Yu Yu Hakusho now too, Steamboy and Afro Samurai Ressurection movies cause they're da shit! ^_^ (Want to get all the original Dragonball in pretty box sets too soon...Amazon has preorders for them, can't wait! ^_^)

I'm more of a manga reader nowadays, and I've read a shitload of manga ever since I got into it back in like 2004, I think, since then I've just read about everything I could and wanted to. =\

I still enjoy anime but yeah I began to read again and got quicker at it, and all so yeah, plus I like to buy my anime and watch them in my room, I hate watching on the computer, and I wish I had more money to get more anime and manga and stuff but yeah. Also I would need more time to do those things as well. =\

My Top 5 Anime I couldn't tell you, I could never order them, and if we brought manga into the mix it'd make it even harder! =\

If you see people call me Akira I like that name too because of the movie Akira obviously, it being the first anime I saw, though I didn't know what anime was or even heard of the word before DBZ but yeah saw Akira when I was about 5 or 6 and just loved it, and in later years like 2000-2003 and on I began using Akira as my username and all, but yeah than I saw Dragonball and Sailor Moon and stuff every now and again, and things like Rockman/Megaman and Transformers and stuff like that but yeah when I was like 12-13 I saw DBZ and just became an instant fan as I also got on the interweb around that time, and there was only ever two sites I could visit a DBZ site and a Beast Wars site! And that's about how I got into anime, and all. LOL =P

I love owning and buying DVDs of anime too, especially box sets, they rock! ^_^

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animehermit Apr 26, 2008

hey! well the reason why i signed up was that i saw those sigs and i was curious to see how much of my life i've wasted on anime(not that i think its a waste of time)

when i first saw i wans't that surprised then i saw everyone elses and felt like i need to get a life. so anyway.....hey. 

kyuzosgirl Apr 22, 2008

LOL!  indeed!

and yeah.  hooray for fanfics for introducing us to the wonders of the internet.  my time in HP fandom seems like FOREVER ago!  i wrote quite a bit too.  pretty much all was draco/ginny.  yep, that was my special little corner of fandom tho i did dabble in others too.  anyway, i wrote 3 novels, 1 novella, 8 one-shots and  3 drabbles all in the HP fandom!  LOLOL!  i also have one novel that i never finished... had planned on it, but now it seems stupid b/c it totally is different from what happened.  so writing it now knowing the ending and all just would suck.  see, all the HP fic i wrote, i wrote in canon AND i wrote not knowing what would happen next.  i always tried to make my stories fit into what had been released by jkr at the time i was writing my stuff.  if you couldn't tell, i'm not really one for AU (alternate universes).

awwww.... well, you'd be loved anyway.  tho you are even more b/c you don't mind my long-windedness.  and YES... i AM long-winded!  HAHAHA!!! 

kyuzosgirl Apr 21, 2008

LOLOL!  indeed it is!  but some very good things came out of it.  for one, two of my best girlfriends lived there so that made things verrry bearable.  plus, another girl, who is now also one of my best girlfriends, i met b/c of living there.  heee!

yeah, fanfics i think sucked a lot of ppl into the internet world.  for me, it was all abt HP.  tho, i got into it quite randomly.  i was looking for spoilers and somehow came across fanfic.  i found myself reading some and then i ended up getting hooked.  however, never did i ever think that i'd end up hooked on the pairing i ended up getting hooked on!  LOLOL!  anyway, from fanfic i ended up doing some online blogging and befriended other HP fanfic ppls into the same pairing as myself.  through that i met this girl who is into anime too and she hooked me up with sites and stuff and that's when i FINALLY started looking into finding anime online!  so that would be around 2001/2002-ish.  for some reason it never dawned on me that i could find it online!  hahaha!  i always rented or hoped it would be on late night HBO/Cartoon Network or some such nonsense.  YAY for internet!

and you're just saying that to be nice about my long-windedness!  soooo... i love you for it!  *HUGS*

MushiSan Apr 20, 2008

KIKI!Happy 420!

Ive been so out of it all day.

I watched sum Gurren Lagann & played music.Another fulfilling day of an otaku~

whatBullet Apr 20, 2008

Haha never really occured to me how much anime I've watced and now I know, I'm an otaku :S


But yeah I started long ago with Evangelion, then got bumped to Tekkaman Blade, which I absoulutley loved when I was young. Then I sorta spiraled down the anime road along with Dragon Ball Z (didn't find out about Dragon Ball till a few years after Z), Samurai Pizza Cats, probably a few Sailor Moon eps here and there and my favourite anime movie, Akira.

But yeah 25 year old still strong and still loving anime :D