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Late at Night Musings...

23 DEC

As an introduction to what this will be, I just want to warn any unsuspecting reader that this blog will bring up no real point, nor will it ardently seek to answer any question, and may very well serve absolutely no purpose at all.

Good. Now you are most likely in the proper mindframe to enjoy this. Let's go ahead and have our irst "episode" so to speak.

Here goes:

So it seems common knowledge to most anime fans out there.

... English dubs often suck ass.

Kaze no Stigma, Chrono Crusade, One Piece, Queen's Blade (which was riddled by far greater problems than just an english dub ;p) all of these are just plain dreadful to watch in English.

Tonight, however, I started wondering WHY. America, for one, is supposed to be home to some of the most talented actors in the world, (My personal preference goes to the Brits if I had to say, Cheers!) but for some reason, a dub-over seems to be beyond the capabilities of those who speak the English language. Is it the differences in communication and language betweeen Japanese and English? Is it a cultural difference? Maybe, but who knows! In a time where global interaction is encouraged, and animation is SLOWLY becoming more widely accepted throughout the world, (still a WAYS off there, of course, lots of negative stigma still prevalent) you would think high quality English dubs are exactly what we need. How many times must we bear the whiny high pitched Western Moe equivalent? Why do we keep using the same voice talent that continues to only mildly excite? (Think of how many times you've heard the voice of Ash Ketchum...)

But maybe there is hope. For anyone that has seen the few examples of liberating English dubs, (The Lucky Star English cast comes to mind for me at least, minus the majority of secondary characters introduced later in the series, Patty-san actually epitomizing how bad English dubs CAN be) we know it can be done. For those of you familiar with Avatar, The Last Airbender cartoon, which borrows a lot of techniques and styling from traditional Japanese anime, it's certain the resources and ability is there, for some reason we just can't get that kind of quality in the majority of English dubs.

Personally, maybe it's a vendetta against subtitles for me, (why would I watch text when i could be experiencing the art and visual stimulus animation is so rooted in?) but I'd really rather not have to master Japanese before i can truly appreciate all of the best anime out there, and for those of my friends I'm trying to convert into anime fans, it certainly feels like quite the uphill battle sometimes...



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