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Not much to say, looking for the true gems of animation amidst a sea of smut. I'm a pretty well rounded individual, I like most things that are normally liked in life, however, since I'm into so many different things, I need a certain degree of quality from everything I do/watch/etc.

Now let's talk about ANIME. Animation is such a wonderful medium. I like to think of it as giving your imagination an endless budget and seeing what it can make. There simply is no limit to what you can do with it, making it very interesting and appealing to my love of variety. The fact that i can watch a fantasy/sci-fi epic, a school based romance, or a story about a scuba diver's favorite board game, greatly intrigues me.

Myself, I graduated with a Bachelor's in Theatre Arts, which coupled with my love of cinema and literature, gave me a pretty keen eye to good storytelling and characters. Throw in a childhood obsession with video games and cartoons and its no wonder I'm writing a bio on a site dedicated to anime recommendations.

Here's a few simple words on what anime "cliche's" I'm simply NOT ok with.

...Others are fine.

1. Time wasted on obsessiveness about either boobs or panties.

2. Mindless action and/or gore for no reason, a good action scene is great... when appropriate!

3. Annoying whiny high pitched voice overs (primarily in english dubs)

Thing is, good anime seems hard to find. Help me!

Finally, I want to keep my rating scale as simple as possible:

> 3 stars = worth watching

< 3 stars = not worth watching

= 3 stars = enough good and bad to make me not sure if its worth watching or not

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CeZaS93 Nov 29, 2012

Happy birthday =^.^=

VivisQueen Dec 27, 2010

Hey FedExMachina,

That is indeed very encouraging to hear. I thank you so very much for your kind words. Hope you continue to enjoy AP's reviews and find great shows to watch! ^_^


Killerkittenish Dec 7, 2010

Hah, thanks! I guess I am an anime addict.. and the funny thing is that I don't look like the usual anime nerd. xD!

Killerkittenish Dec 4, 2010

I've chosen you as my random user of the day! That means I post something on your page. :D

Nice custom lists!

Redsky Nov 11, 2010

Hi there, Welcome to anime-planet!

Yep, indeed our tastes are similar ^^