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about me

~I hate most humans and find them extremely annoying and judgemental - yes that includes myself.
~I won't accept random friend requests ANYWHERE unless I'm in an extremely good mood.
~I'm stubborn and insecure, and find it hard to let go of the past.
~Haters gonna hate, but keep your fucking hate to yourself around me.
~I love anime and manga, and attend anime conventions and cosplay with my friends.
~I want to be an author. I write original stories, poems, and fanfictions.
~I love rock, metal, and alternative, but I'll listen to anything as long as the song actually has meaning in some way (no, kids, yelling "Get up, get loud, start pumpin' up the party now!" is not meaningful and it kills my damn ears).
~Aside from manga, I also read The Hunger Games, Percy Jackson, City of Ember, and Warrior Cats.
~I'm actually a nice person, especially if I like your company.

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