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I'm pissed at everything lately


Wonder if this'll be a trend...

Right now I'm sitting in my classroom, alone. The reason? All my friends are skipping today. Am I? Haha no, I wasn't allowed to skip despite obtaining permission a WEEK ago.

So in my angst stemming from last night to today, I decided to watch more of the Bount arc in Bleach. My god, it's all becoming pointless...they're supposed to be a big threat and now they're each getting picked off by captains one by one? AND you had a WHOLE, LONG arc to set up this pitiful conflict? F*ck you Bleach writers.

Despite my problems with Bleach, I still love it, oddly enough.

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turtleduck avatar turtleduck
Apr 3, 2012

Math D: I hated it. that is why I dropped my Calculus class starting my second semester this year. The reason I suck at math is the year before in Pre-Calc I discovered my love for manga and spent all the time in class reading manga lol I sure ruined myself.

The manga is short every week and not much is covered in those short amount of pages which makes me mad because I get tired waiting for something amazing to happen.

True , I would compare Bleach to Naruto which is killed with a large amount of fillers so I read the manga for that one too instead of watching the anime. Maybe one day when I have A LOT of time I will watch every episode but when that happens, who knows XD

Fargo avatar Fargo
Apr 2, 2012

Thanks mate. I'm kind of over it now, so all's better.

I had a 10-question test for math, but I didn't know half of it, so I'm in deep dung...

And I agree, the manga's pretty good, if not a little short each week. It's just a shame the pacing led to the anime ending, but better than plaguing it further, you know?

turtleduck avatar turtleduck
Apr 2, 2012

Sorry to hear that you couldn't skip school with everyone else.

I am currently sitting in class, just finish a 60-question test and its so boring. I love Bleach, so that is why I read the manga instead of watching the show that is filled with so many fillers.

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