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vivafruit says...

Haha, thanks for your comment. Bleach is indeed yet another example of a shounen manga-adapted series tanking.

I view Bleach/Naruto/whatever as sort of a tragedy of capitalism. If studios wanted to make the best possible work, they would wait untill the manga was finished, cut out the boring parts, and adapt it to TV. But in these cases the best possible work does not coincide with the most profitable one for various reasons.

Nov 7, 2011
kyuuketsukii says...

Oh sure, I love the old Universal Century Gundam. I prefer them to all the newer ones. I'm actually rewatching Gundam Zeta at the moment, I rewatched Gundam 0079 before this and I plan to go through the rest of them invluding the OVAs again also. Gundam is much more genre defining than LOGH, Gundam pretty much kick started a whole genre.

Theres a new Gundam OVA airing set in the UC which is actually pretty good, its called Gundam Unicorn and there's a new series airing as well called Gundam AGE which...well.. isn't great.


Nov 5, 2011
kyuuketsukii says...

Btw what do you mean when you say Gundam tails off in its later series?

Nov 5, 2011
kyuuketsukii says...

LOGH wasnt really genre defining at all, the space battles were hardly watchable and repetative, literally they replayed the same clips often. the characters were bland, one of them was meant to be intelligent but all the strategy he seemed to come up with was totally basic and predictable. I couldnt make myself watch the entire series it just really began to drag but I did go in to the series wanting to like it.

I shall check out nadesico sometime!



Nov 5, 2011
kyuuketsukii says...


Read some of the review and not just the overall score, the story got a 6 anyways.

I didn't like a lot of the Gundam reviews, just seemed to me the reviewer really thought Legend of the Galactic Heroes was better and they wanted to show that.

Laputa Castle in the sky <3, I might check out Martian Successor Nadesico.

Nov 5, 2011