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MasterKommander Mar 7, 2012

Hey I noticed you are watching Beck. I hope you love it a much as I do. I only wish it had been out when I was in highschool. It's a great comming on age story that dose an excelent job of exhibiting the awkwardness of growing up, and inevitable discovery of ones own path in life.

I would say that it's a great anime and everyone should watch it, but i'm a bit biased when it comes to anime that uses music as a plot device.  Anyways once you finish it let me know what you think of it. Oh as in most cases the manga is a lot better than the anime.

VivisQueen Mar 3, 2012

The thing about finding something to talk about is research. Well... and simply analysing the show along several tracks. Okay, and also the fact that we manage to come up with topics that we all give a shit about. The team is agreed on ecchi and slice of life being trash and we are appreciators of the golden oldies as well as newer shows. And we spend some time chit-chatting away from the podcast so we've got very used to flowing with each other in conversation. It's amazing how quickly time flies in a fun discussion, and so far I'm seriously enjoying every minute. (And very pleased you are too! ^_^)

Ask me a couple of years ago about falling in and out with anime and I'd not know what you're talking about. But nowadays I follow so few things that I'm finding it harder and harder to get back inot it with the same fervour as I did before. I sympathise a lot with your situation. I have two or three other big priorities in my life right now and they are consuming my time. I wish you'd done your big comeback like a year ago. Then I'd have been all excited about it and it would have spurred me to review like mad. You know, I'm not sure I ever asked - what exactly is your job/career?

RedCrossRobbery Mar 1, 2012

Human centipede always made me giggle. I enjoy that kind of cheesy "gore or shock" kind of horror, but I do have a weak stomach against violence towards kids, and so I was a bit worried is all :[

VivisQueen Mar 1, 2012

Hey there FalseDawn,

Normally returnees do spur me on, but I'm sort of stuck with a billion things to do right now. I don't have much room for maneouvre. Black Lagoon review should be up within a week if I get a chance to rewatch a couple of eps. And then there's Planetes, which will be a matter of months rather than days.

As for the podcast, indeed, I am the female voice! Glad you're giving it a go, although we are all beginners and the audio quality is variable from podcast to podcast. I would say our best ones discussion-wise are the Satoshi Kon and Ghibli ones. Helen McCarthy one is awesome for the fact that we got a proper celebrity on! That was a lucky catch. The podcasts are done skype-wise. We're all in our bedrooms and we get on at a certain time, having done our research beforehand and separately, and then come to chit-chat. I love doing it. Really, really do. It's a new way for me to express my views, and it's proving a lot of fun to have friends to just verbally discuss anime with. It's like exercising muscles I never knew I had.

And you? How come you're back all of a sudden? What made you remember us?

VivisQueen Mar 1, 2012

FalseDawn, did I ever mention that I love how you're back and active? Missed your face.