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mitsukixx says...

yeaa i'm watching it! its good so far but not as good as the first season =\ but its only like on epi. 6ish

Nov 15, 2007
sothis says...

Strange... do you see any javascript errors, and/or do you have javascript turned off? JS might just be turned off for some reason... strange.

Anyone can submit reviews, the quality bar is just extremely high to get them put up on the site. If you are interested, check out any of vivafruit's stuff and if you think you can match that level of quality (both writing level and flow, etc) then write one up for something that isn't reviewed yet, and post it in the forum in the reviews section. ^_^ My reviews team scans things there and tells me about potential site people. :D

Nov 14, 2007
sothis says...

Ah ha! That must be where I know your name from. ^_^ BTW, are you using Safari? I notice your comments are showing up odd, and it seems some people have issues with Safari recently o_o. Also as a helpful tip, if your recommendation comment works both ways, you can check the "create reverse recommendation" and it will do that direction for you.

Nice to see you here!

Nov 14, 2007
mitsukixx says...

hii! i like ur 1,4 and 5 on ur anime list ^^ and welcomeeeee! =D

Nov 13, 2007
sothis says...

Your name is extremely familiar... hmmmmm *looks with peering eyes*. Argh!! I can't recall where I know you from :(

Regardless, welcome to AP! :p

Nov 13, 2007