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PockyBebop Dec 11, 2007

I really liked your review of Air. I need to continue watching that anime. I put it off for so long!

VivisQueen Dec 11, 2007

Reading your review hurt my heart. *weeps* Great review, though - just a shame that you didn't like the ending! Because everything you say is correct, just the interpretation of the ending is so polar opposite to mine. Weird, because if there was a way to go back and change the anime, I wouldn't amend a single thing. I've come to love the warts 'n' all, even the way they try to save money by covering up the mouths during dialogue (too funny). Anyway, just wanted to say, great stuff, and looking forward to reading more.

melonjuice Nov 16, 2007

haha.. i'm a hopeless romantic.. .. maybe... well i really couldn't think of some char that i really liked.. but maybe because RxJ was more of a recent series that why i still remember him that clearly.. if you have any other chars with a good reason.. lemme know

mitsukixx Nov 15, 2007

yeaa i'm watching it! its good so far but not as good as the first season =\ but its only like on epi. 6ish

sothis Nov 14, 2007

Strange... do you see any javascript errors, and/or do you have javascript turned off? JS might just be turned off for some reason... strange.

Anyone can submit reviews, the quality bar is just extremely high to get them put up on the site. If you are interested, check out any of vivafruit's stuff and if you think you can match that level of quality (both writing level and flow, etc) then write one up for something that isn't reviewed yet, and post it in the forum in the reviews section. ^_^ My reviews team scans things there and tells me about potential site people. :D