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Sheex Sep 7, 2012

Totally just added comments into my official Shigurui review in the overall section. I wonder if anybody will read them. =PBy the way, after finishing Fate/Zero a couple months ago: 7.5. Decent action flick with lots of nice animation. If only it weren't followed by Fate/Stay Night.

AirCommodore Aug 5, 2012

Yo. I dunno how often you check the forum, but I edited your DSC review (months late T_T)

Minai99 May 28, 2012

Heyyo! I was wondering if perhaps you'd like to talk about Shigurui with me for a bit, sometime soon. I finished it today, and happened to notice that you gave it a similar rating. For sure it seems to be a controversial show, although I enjoyed every tense moment of it. The ending, though...hmmmm still thinking about it. 

VivisQueen May 1, 2012

Hmm... I might take you up on the offer to write Fate/Zero 2. This is purely for the sake of your health, of course, nothing to do with me wanting to plaster my drool on AP's review pages for the users to attempt reading. Oh, and if it helps spur you on with Berserk series, you'll most likely like it more than Fate Zero. Yeah, it's that damn unbelievably good.

I am depressed that Viz are doing the movies. I just can't forgive them for their shoddy behaviour on Monster and fear now that they'll always cancel an incredible show for whatever lazy reasons they come up with.

VivisQueen May 1, 2012

My friend, are you also set to review Fate/Zero 2? That is my default assumption, but just want to make sure so that SOMEONE is doing it. You don't mention it in the subforum. Also, I FUCKING LOVE THIS SHOW SO MUCH I CAN'T TAKE IT!!! It's rocking my world so hard right now.


I've had the OP 'To the Beginning' on repeat for about an hour now. Rewatched some episodes before then to do the screenshots. I won't handle it well when the show is over - I'll need the Berserk movies to bring me back from my Coma of Anticlimax or else I'll spend the next months grumbling in the forum about how shit everything else is.