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sothis Nov 11, 2011

btw air is female XD

Minai99 Nov 7, 2011

Hey, thanks for stopping by, FalseDawn! It was nice talking with you. :)

Hopefully we'll get to talk again, when I'm not as busy. You're best coming there if you'd like to, cause I try to minimize my comments, after going through a nightmare of comments on my page. 

Minai99 Nov 7, 2011

Hey there, Falsedawn. I noticed you sparked a somewhat involved and interesting conversation between kyuuketsukii, galadriel, and yourself about writing well-balanced, "good" reviews on shows, anime or not. It also caught my attention that you like to review anime. In general, I am interested in thinking about the anime I watch from many perspectives, when possible.  The shows we have seen intersect at several points, which seems like it would make for interesting conversation. Do you ever use irc? I'd love to chat with you sometime, if possible in the room that I frequent. There are also many other people in the room who I'm sure would enjoy having someone new around who also likes to think critically about anime and such. :)

vivafruit Nov 7, 2011

Haha, thanks for your comment. Bleach is indeed yet another example of a shounen manga-adapted series tanking.

I view Bleach/Naruto/whatever as sort of a tragedy of capitalism. If studios wanted to make the best possible work, they would wait untill the manga was finished, cut out the boring parts, and adapt it to TV. But in these cases the best possible work does not coincide with the most profitable one for various reasons.

kyuuketsukii Nov 5, 2011

Oh sure, I love the old Universal Century Gundam. I prefer them to all the newer ones. I'm actually rewatching Gundam Zeta at the moment, I rewatched Gundam 0079 before this and I plan to go through the rest of them invluding the OVAs again also. Gundam is much more genre defining than LOGH, Gundam pretty much kick started a whole genre.

Theres a new Gundam OVA airing set in the UC which is actually pretty good, its called Gundam Unicorn and there's a new series airing as well called Gundam AGE which...well.. isn't great.