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Minai99 Feb 28, 2012

Where you been? Haven't seen you around in ages. Should come talk some time. 

Minai99 Feb 28, 2012

Woah, what? I thought we were friends ages ago xD

MasterKommander Feb 28, 2012

Yo my man FalseDawn,

My correspondence has been remiss, but I am pleased to recieve your message. It serves to remind me of our illustrious community. Unfortunately a thorough accouont of my absence would be lengthy a post. So to make a long story short, I have been to hell and back. I still lurk here and there, but no substantial activity.Having been essentially consumed by "Real Life" I am left with virtually  no  time for anything else. Despite my overwelming schedule I still find time to watch my shows, and have my adventures. Overall I would say that for the moment everything is well. I hope that you are doing ok on your end as well.

Are you still involved with any groups? I've completely disappeared from that scene. Although I would not mind getting back into it for the right project and group. BTW Highschool DxD greatest ED ever.

Sheex Feb 3, 2012

The pacing for sure; it's so damn frenetic. Fights start and then cut themselves off for arbitrary plot reasons, and it will introduce concepts and then drag its feet with playing them out. For example, the whole notion of having everybody chase Caster for a command spell - thus far they've been practically of no consequence in the series, yet the plot stresses them without actually having the characters stress them. It certainly promotes a darker mood and the characters have less brain-dead stupidity to them, but I wish things would be more linear in terms of plot idea presented:plot idea followed through with.

All that said, I am least entertained - just increasingly less so as the series moves along. The awkward tentacle-kraken ending to this first season probably didn't help (though I suspect it will make for many a tentacle rape doujin from the fans.) Oh well, this is why I don't review shounen anymore - I am far too jaded to be fair. =P

Sheex Feb 2, 2012

Fate/Zero started out promising, but I am beginning to wonder now that its first season is done. Still better than Fate/Stay Night by leaps and bounds, but it has certainly left some to be desired.