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Sheex says...

The pacing for sure; it's so damn frenetic. Fights start and then cut themselves off for arbitrary plot reasons, and it will introduce concepts and then drag its feet with playing them out. For example, the whole notion of having everybody chase Caster for a command spell - thus far they've been practically of no consequence in the series, yet the plot stresses them without actually having the characters stress them. It certainly promotes a darker mood and the characters have less brain-dead stupidity to them, but I wish things would be more linear in terms of plot idea presented:plot idea followed through with.

All that said, I am least entertained - just increasingly less so as the series moves along. The awkward tentacle-kraken ending to this first season probably didn't help (though I suspect it will make for many a tentacle rape doujin from the fans.) Oh well, this is why I don't review shounen anymore - I am far too jaded to be fair. =P

Feb 3, 2012
Sheex says...

Fate/Zero started out promising, but I am beginning to wonder now that its first season is done. Still better than Fate/Stay Night by leaps and bounds, but it has certainly left some to be desired.

Feb 2, 2012
Minai99 says...

Bah. I thought we'd have a nice series of conversations, but due to extreme levels of business and all-time low levels of not being on my computer, that never really happened, did it? It's a pity you didn't get a chance to talk to some of our more...likeminded members, either, people who also like to discuss and review anime at a more intensive level. How were your holidays, by the way?

Jan 5, 2012
VivisQueen says...

Yo. The podcast is linked on my bio (Nakama Britannica). It's unpaid as all these things are, but it was just another interesting way for me to express myself about anime. We're a team of three, I'm the token female, and we're all really new at it. I think it shows. But it is a lot of fun - I'd recommend the experience to anyone who is opinionated and likes babbling.

I'm also hoping the New Year tosses me something exciting. A lot of maybes and ifs and buts on the horizon right now and my bedtime prayers are constantly filled with 'PLEASE GOD LET MY LIFE NOT FAIL!' Glad you've survived the financial meltdown with job and all, though! :)

Dec 29, 2011
VivisQueen says...

Hey FalseDawn,

I hope you had a good Christmas and are looking forward to the New Year. I'm doing well, thank you. Started studying my MA International Relations abroad but am back in the UK for the Yuletide... what does Yuletide even mean?

Anyway, I bloody loved Fate/Zero - probably my favourite show of the year. Shame this season ended with such dialogue-laden scenes. I left you a response to your question about the characters' philosophies here: http://www.anime-planet.com/forum/1051362-post231.html. It's exactly the kind of show I needed to keep my interest in anime chugging along, to be honest. I'm so busy that my watching list is thinning and my stalled one is swelling, and it's always easy to lapse into a long period of forgetting anime even exists. Okay, I have this other reviewing/podcasting post on AUKN which forces me to keep up with what's generally going on, but that's just one more thing I have to work at to find time for.

The other show I'm watching, by the way, is Chihayafuru. Starts excellently, although it's slowed somewhat in my view. I still recommend it if you're looking for a good sports drama with sparkles. And you? What have you been up to? It's great to see you active and I'm really looking forward to reading your Fate review. FYI, if it doesn't have the word 'philosophies' in it, you've failed.

Dec 28, 2011