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chii Apr 29, 2012

lol yeah. I'm kinda surprised it's taken this long for someone to latch onto me I guess XD

I let it bother me yesterday a little but I think that was due to the hormones flowing through my girly body! XD I've since just laughed at everything and will continue to do so. :D

chii Apr 29, 2012

I just wanna say that I really appreciate the kind words over on you know where :)

Minai99 Apr 24, 2012

that you on irc, man?

AirCommodore Apr 2, 2012

Nope, not yet. Though series by Kyoto Animation tend to cancel out that effect (I don't really "get" them), so I might end up being immune.

Honey and Clover, on the other hand...

AirCommodore Apr 2, 2012

Also! I tend to cry whenever other people/characters cry, so the fact that Chihaya ended up bawling almost every episode was infuriating- it felt like the series was emotionally manipulative :P