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AirCommodore says...

Nope, not yet. Though series by Kyoto Animation tend to cancel out that effect (I don't really "get" them), so I might end up being immune.

Honey and Clover, on the other hand...

Apr 2, 2012
AirCommodore says...

Also! I tend to cry whenever other people/characters cry, so the fact that Chihaya ended up bawling almost every episode was infuriating- it felt like the series was emotionally manipulative :P

Apr 2, 2012
AirCommodore says...

Probably the same thing as everyone else- too much karuta, not enough everything else. The first arc was lovely, due its focus on not-high-schoolers  (I'm so burnt out on series about high schoolers), and just plain being better than the rest of the series. Kana added an interesting angle, and fixed a few problems, but I wish it could've had a a protagonist that wasn't so singlemindedly focused on karuta, so that the series could stop being so singlemindedly focused on karuta.

However, I'm always thankful for more josei series, even ones that I'm not particularly impressed by.

Mar 31, 2012
Despon says...

You don't have to study economics to understand [C]. They use suprisingly few economic terms (even though it looks like it uses a ton), and the ones that they do use, don't very well reflect what the term means in real life.

Mar 30, 2012
cassiesheepgirl says...

I might get to it one day, as I still have it on disc somewhere, but I have a fair bit to watch for now. :)

Mar 22, 2012