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SimplyEricJames says...

  Loved your Neon Genesis Evangelion review.  I agree 100% . . I just didn't see why everyone thought it was so great.

  Keep the reviews moving!

Jan 3, 2008
sothis says...

Feel free to rewrite the uta kata synopsis, I didn't write it so I can't fix it if it's wrong ^_^;;

Dec 28, 2007
Sheex says...

Wow, fantastic Uta Kata review -- I'm jealous!  You have a very powerful voice and it's quite enjoyable to read.  Looking forward to your upcoming reviews!

And, as it seems I missed your profile for some reason, hope you had a Merry Christmas. =)

Dec 26, 2007
Sheex says...

Sorry for taking a week to reply (had finals!), but I'm glad you enjoyed my Rec review.  For such a brief, OVA-length series it's very well put together and is definitely one of my favorite romance anime yet.  For such a good series I'm saddened that it didn't get that much attention; just doing my part to spread the word (love?).

Dec 20, 2007
wolfangel87 says...

Oh yay!!!!!  You like Ayashi no Ceres too!  That is great!  I love your sig, Air was such an amazing series!

Dec 12, 2007