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A whole range sexual differences there is a wide spectrum yes there is a wide spectrum I meankinsey for example his study done in the forties showed arrange sexuality that went from a only her sexual orientation which is a Kinsey 02 only homosexual orientation Kinsey sick sand there were five gradations in between from some homosexuality and mostly her sexuality to some her sexuality and mostly home soon as possible for some people to make that change well I think people can sometimes make that change even without any kind of treatment in the sense that people as their lives change sometimes change so that it is possible case have Karen Mike yes sir I'd like to see that Richard is absolutely right when he talks about the root issues because I have me the change and I've went through ministry called life history here in New York City that deals with this very issue I mean I had a father who was always home but just was Safer Colon never there because he was always working a mother who was alcoholic who I had to see you naked in New all the time take care that waste Run issue for me because I went around seen all women were like my mother once you addressed when in actuality all women are not like mother and bad is the issue in the Rue I had to get to know you still working on some issues presently but I you know currently but I have no desire to go back to homosexuality it's not an issue anymore right sir okay yes is the guys if you need to make an attempt to be attracted to women you now you know yes sir yes such think about it what do your parents happy Richard is your family accepting if you’re being homosexual or having been a homosexual my father the family therapist counselor the psychiatrist.

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