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Hey fellow anime fanatics!

Welcome to my humble page 'o anime.

Feel free to comment and ask about anything and I will do all in my power to be of service.

If you're interested in awesome animes check out my top 5 list. All of them I HIGHLY recommend you check out. They are all beyond description. Enjoy them and I wish you happy watching! :

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Jei Jan 27, 2011

Sweet! Thanks for those. I heard Ergo Proxy was really nicely animated but the story was kind of 'blah'. Hopefully I'll have time to check all of these out during the summer. Right now I'm trying to get through Clannad, and eventually the massive collection that my RL friend (awpaperwings) gave me. I think Darker Than Black is one of them, so maybe I'll plough through that one first. XD

Jei Jan 21, 2011

yaaay! the post scripting butchered my list. *shakesfist*

Jei Jan 21, 2011

My list of shows for you to watch: 5cm per second***FLCLToki wo Kakeru Shoujo***Toradora!Skip Beat! (I think you'd find this HILARIOUS)Bakemonogatari (Just... sit down and watch it. Don't pause it-- don't try to understand it.)Summer Wars*** Sword of the StrangerSeirei no Moribito Clannad (The humour in this surprises me! Still watching it myself)Eve no JikanNoeinNatsume Yuujinchou (that's the one I was trying to tell you about before lol)Kannagi


That should tie you over for now! LOL

Jei Jan 21, 2011

Duuude Blood + FTW!

OneiChan Aug 24, 2007

Sure sure! Make an account on the forums and I will PM you a list of sites I use. It may be a little too much to put in one of these comment boxes ;)