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starrysky123 Jan 8, 2012

Haha... I've watched both of them but school rumble was really crap 4 me.... no offence 2 people who likes school rumble!! anyway thanx for the recommendation!

starrysky123 Jan 5, 2012

Hey!! I noticed that u joined on the same day as i did so i thought I'd check ur page... but ur panime list is awesome!! Can u help me 2 find an anime that is suitable 4 me since u've already watched a lot???

anyway these are my preference:

* No supernatural,adventure,historicalyaoi,yuri or fantasy.

* It would be great if the main character is a mixed blood or just returned to Japan from somewhere 4 a long time.

* If the main character is a guy, he has got 2 act cool or look cool at least.... If the main character is a girl it wold be nice if she were like the main character form chihayafuru.

* The main type of  setting that would suite me is high school life or university.

* In the anime there has got 2 b romance n if it doesn't n u still think I would like it then just list them anyways...

thanxx 4 reading my comment n I hope u would reply soon enaugh cos im getting bored :L