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Åh! Ett stycke värsting!

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Quicks1lv3r says...

Heya! Wazzup? I like your Anime taste ^_^

I hope you have a nice day



Feb 3, 2011
Ridia says...

Jag knappar in på dig.............. ;)

Apr 17, 2010
Ridia says...

Hahaha! Närmar mig två veckor. Men.. du har nog inte fyllt i på ett tag och är nog närmare en månad nu... Och å andra sidan. Well, kanske är det inte så positivt egentligen att veta att man kunde använt en hel månad till någonting annat. :D

Jan 28, 2010
Ridia says...

WHA!? I see you don't have InuYasha on your favourite anime. Yarrr...

Jan 20, 2010
Ridia says...

You know. Being beside you all this time, I wouldn't say you were a bad person. I'd say you were scared. Although not many people could see through your actions, since you kept them and your mood as a mask, to protect you. (Am I wrong?) Anyhow, I find you incredibly brave to dare to change and show yourself more, little by little. You're such an amazing person, and only intelligent people can understand about how amazing you are. And that's not bad after all? Since who would like dumb-asses running after one? :D

I love you. And you're amazing. And you should be more active on deviantart.

Aug 3, 2009