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FireFlower Mar 10, 2009

This site currently is still under development. I think Sothis will release V3 design before summer or atleast then. It will be great then and new users can learn with more ease to use this website.

But when you search anime here: example Naruto, you gell Naruto TV, Naturo Shippuuden, Naruto Movies. Then you just simply click what you're currently planning to watch or watching already or want find more information.

When you have a certain anime information on screen there is a small slide bar along with stars with options: Watching (currently watching, or continueing to watch very soon), want to watch, stalled (I will finish this when more episodes available or I have more time to finish) , dropped (I didn't like show after few episodes and won't finish it), won't watch (You know already you won't ever watch this show).

Have fun :)

FireFlower Mar 5, 2009

Welcome to Anime-Planet!