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I'm Evilzmurf.

Things i like: Tea, food, candy, Anime, pc games, hang out with freinds, spend money on stuff i dont need, TV, my WII, cookeis, my off-wall calendar(the far side), skip the homework to watch anime or game...

Things i dislike: Spiders, tuna, rain full days, Playstation..

Things that makes me angry: When I'm out of money to waste, when I'm stuck at something, r-Tards, that our internett is slow (1mBit), when i miss an episode of Dr. House, my neightbour, all the wanna-be gangsters..

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wolfangel87 Jul 13, 2009

Haven't heard from you in a while!!!  How have you been?

1010rikku Jan 28, 2008

She's acutally from a game called Magna Carta: Tears of Blood. The game itself wasn't all that great, but the charater design and animation was amazing. The artist is called hyung-taekim, and his work is HOT!!!

Glad you like, it was a big step for me to change from that cool Haruhi pic...was quite popular with it.

I had a good anime weekend, watched some FMP! and some Ghost Hound, both good series so far, but very different.

Still love the nic lol 

1010rikku Jan 24, 2008

I *heart* your signature!! I just got the boxset for FMP!, gonna start watching it this weekend...can't wait!! Heard so many good things!!

Foop Dec 12, 2007

Well, You said I'll ask again, I dont know what you mean by that since I don't remember asking you in the first place but since you asked, I'll say Yeah. It really is a great series. I stalled becauser I couldn't find any episodes after #9. Also, I noticed you added me so I added you.

Foop Nov 29, 2007

yeah. It kicks ass but i am watching ah my goddess and i stalled on it.