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Psychiatrist in this study9556 male couples this is by gays ninety-five percent unfavorable here instead he do you think that's is impossible for someone to began and also to be happy on it depends on what you talk about happiness is possible to be gay and be happy in the the problem with that in that message is especially for young people out there who are feeling these feelings homosexuality starting to stir whether they're going through puberty orate getting out of high school and the realized something is wrong with me this man is telling me I'm in complete I'm not a whole person and I should change will indeed they should go with their feelings aside I started if you want to change yes society has to change and no should send the thing that society should change is looking at homosexuals are somehow he wasn't I can't make anybody else like me are not like me or to double back flip only changed me homosexuals not being incomplete accepted you know no I'm not know who can be homosexual because you know because you know who you are you keeping you can become straight and be completed all is it well you're trapped into on you every dude did you play girl and Playboy magazine one Safer Colon  is new nude women which ones that turn you on iPod look at both the ring about him about one-fifth field needs that are being manifested sexually it is not a sexual connection it's an emotionally based condition ways this is the case with you do you thinks the case with everybody absolutely and its hip that I have made a choice through for me alright coming later okay when we come back to doctor says when it comes to sexuality the issue isn't always so black and white or should we say straight and gay Greg this month I week specimens sexuality doctor is it possible for someone to be gay and then be straight maybe I in the sense that I it isn't always clear what people mean by gay or straight that people I try and find a label that they can use to identify themselves to try and live some way in the world and between the labels are gay and straight .

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