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This manga has an interesting plotline. Its main character is an overly-responsible modest, and super kind young man named Kaoru. I know that's a hero archetype in manga, but here it is utilized very well. Kaoru defends the people he cares for- even if they're going behind his back, doing things to hurt him. The best part is that he's naive. So when he meets a store doll who turns into a young man one night he readily wishes to help break the curse on him. The only problem I have with this arrangement is that it throws the two of them into a sexual relationship almost immediately. I'm willing to compromise that opinion because as the days go on, Sado (the Prince) sees how hardworking Kaoru really is and begins to soften up on him. Their relationship gains more substance as the problems Kaoru faces become more serious. 

The manga itself is pretty intricate, and it's not just underlying- the detail is pretty face-out. You get to observe the important snippets of the other characters' lives alongside Kaoru's and that is a HUGE help to the story line. I just wish the mangaka would give us a glimpse into Kaoru's solitary life- what does he do on his own? Does he ever even eat? The guy is just a mess of issues and I haven't seen much relaxation on his part, though that's the kicker- his life is so jam-packed because of his personality that the manga feels really full.

Personally, I'd recommend it to anyone who wants a romantic yaoi with less detailed lovemaking scenes and a relationship that blooms from awkward and duty-oriented to affectionate and caring.

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