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They tell me I'm cool. They tell me I'm funny. I'd like to think "they" know what they're talking about, but you can never be sure.

I enjoy watching anime simply because I enjoy a good story, and I'll watch just about anything as long as the story catches me. Though I must admit I'm partial to supernatural and fantasy anime (though reverse-harems are something of a guilty pleasure). 

The only thing I love more than anime is to write, which is why I'm so fond of storytelling. I'm pretty laid-back and love to laugh. If there is anything else you would like to know, ask.

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kitsune89 says...

Thanks for dropping me a comment! I wasn't sure about the coherency of that blog (I still doubt it), but I'm glad we basically agree xD

Jul 17, 2012
kingshivan says...

Since you liked Kaichou wa Maid-sama, I'd highly recommend Kare Kano. The only unfortunate aspect to Kare Kano is that it was never completed, and a result of the collapse of the team that was making the show, there are quite a few recap episodes, which I would recommend skipping altogether. Those episodes are annoying, and it's a real downer that they never finished or continued the story, but what is there is one of my favorite anime ever: funny, intelligent, cute, silly, well-made characters, great music... yeah. I started to read the manga, but... I'm not a manga person (megatokyo doesn't really count, right?) though.

I wouldn't actually recommend Niea Under 7. It's not a particularly interesting anime. I only mentioned it because the main character could theoretically fit your description of a weak female character: she seems well-fleshed out, with foibles, dreams, and struggles. But that's about all there is in that show, aside from some silly humor about aliens trying to integrate into rural japan. Did I mention it was about aliens integrating into rural japan? Yeah.

Of all the shows I referenced, perhaps Nana would be the most well-made, with decent art style, AMAZING MUSIC, and a decent story. It's not quite the emotional rollercoaster of Fushigi Yugi, but it's up there. There's two primary characters, both named Nana- Nana Komatsu (airhead, not too smart about relationships, but a well-meaning person) and Nana Osaki (punk singer, aggressive, prideful, but also kind in some ways, though selfish in others). They both are moving to Tokyo to start their lives as young adults, Osaki as a talented singer, Komatsu as... a fresh-faced airhead in the big city? At any rate, it's a well-made anime.

Similar to Nana, though I didn't mention it before, is Paradise Kiss. GREAT music, GREAT art. Interesting story. Female lead is a particularly pretty girl who is initially interested in continuing her studies and being an all-around smart girl. But she finds herself falling into the stressful world of fashion as an up-and-coming model, dealing with eccentric fashion moguls and their strange lives. It's a really well made anime.

So... MY suggestion is: start with Kare Kano, because it's simple, and cute, and very funny, while having some very decent drama too. Then hit up Paradise Kiss for the wild and eccentric world of fashion. Finally brace yourself for the sweeping passions of Nana, which I believe is the longest of the three (Kare Kano is 26 episodes, although a good 6-8 of those are summary/recap episodes, Paradise Kiss is a modest 12 episodes so you could even start with that one first, and Nana is a whopping 47 episodes).

Interestingly, you could think of that progression as going from High School (Kare Kano) to Just Out of High School (Paradise Kiss) to Beyond College (Nana), and actually the artwork and opening themes kind of exhibit those traits- look em up on Youtube and you'll see. (the ending theme to Paradise kiss is the best, cause it's Franz Ferdinand) Actually, all three has some serious music going on (Nana being the most contemporary with punk and grunge, PK having Franz Ferdinand, and Kare Kano has beautiful piano work emphasizing its drama very nicely).

Hope that wall of text helps :D

Apr 4, 2012
Chelsae says...

Thanks for the blog comment! :)

Yes! I do love the current Shippuden opening but it's personally not one of my favourites..!

I just read your blog on female characters! All I can do is agree with everything you say!! I'm sick to death of females being portrayed as weak crybabies who can't do anything for themselves! And then of course there's the overly strong female characters which annoy me even more! Anime and manga definitely need more normal, yet interesting,female characters!

Sep 24, 2011
HiroRyusaki says...

Shiki is amazing. (Gets Epic later on). I'll have to read over your stuff when I have more time, Just wanted to say hi.

Sep 23, 2011
MOJ says...

Well i updated a few of my other blogs (i only have 5 up right now). Would you mind giving them a look? I like criticism...negative and positive so feel free to comment with whatever you wish. :)

Hope you'll like em.

Sep 20, 2011