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2013 Fall Anime I'm Excited For

It's gonna be another busy season for me with 6 series catching my attention. There are several series - like Log Horizon - that are outside of my usual genres. So I'm looking forward to watching something different. But I'm pretty stoked for the...

2013 Summer Anime I'm Excited For

This summer looks promising, as there are 6 series that have caught my eye. I'm excited to see a Studio Ghibli movie coming out in July. I'm also thrilled there is not only supernatural-themed anime, but a mindless reverse-harem-ish one as well.

2014 Fall Anime I'm Excited For

Considering how busy I've been with my new job, this looks like a perfect watch-load. I'm stoked for another Mushishi, and the other three intrigue me. Hopefully they'll be awesome.

2014 Spring Anime I'm Excited For

SUPER excited for Mushishi and SUPER excited to end the Fairy Tail hiatus. And, of course, I'm quite pleased (shamefully so) for a couple of mindless reverse harems. The other two intrigue me. Should be a good season. Now to find the time...

2014 Summer Anime I'm Excited For

A light load this season. While I am stoked for Hamatora 2, I'm a little uneasy of Sailor Moon. It does look awesome, but I don't know. We'll see. And I even threw in a slice-of-life comedy to mix it up a bit.