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Black Butler, Rosario + Vampire & Stuff

12 APR

I just picked up 'Black Butler' and 'Rosario + Vampire' while at the local bookstore. I've already completed watching Rosario + Vampire's series 1 & 2 and I have to say, I deeply enjoyed them both. I'm working on watching Black Butler and I'm absolutely in love with the series. I can't wait to purchase the rest of the Manga in the series.

If anyone has any suggestions for other Manga/Anime that I might like, relating to those two series; pop me a link. I've already watched Panty and Stocking so don't suggest that one and I'd prefer not to be suggested 'Death Note' as I have read it before and dislike the anime and manga. - Thanks.

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default avatar ReaperSD
Feb 6, 2014


2.Demon King

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