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likes coffee and waffle's... also catgirls, anime and games (hentai one's included)

lives alone with a cat to evade contact with the outside world, well.... i once did......

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ShiroChan Nov 25, 2010

Mellow Yellow Fellow!

Rofl...nao you just live with your cat and several other animals >.>; still avoiding the outside world xP


kenshina Jun 27, 2008

Sometimes, it is hard to guess what gender you are.  Times to time, you sound like a boy but another time a girl.

Look, I found a manga with a similar character with you:Backstage Prince (I just started, I wonde if it is good...)  Look at page 21 volume 1.  They (actually he) say something interesting kahaha.

 Yea, I watched Utawarerumono.  You mean they are innocent??  I like the girl with wing ears~ hehe She's a good fighter!

kenshina Jun 27, 2008


>_< tehehe.  I see.  So you want a woman like those cat girls =qWell, no comment there.  But you will see, somedays, maybe, you will find someone better than those cat girls.  Hm.. Well what does cat girl anyway??

I am not fan of these, but I have no idea of what kind of character that is, so I will like to know what do you like from them.  

I guess you have a good point about love (friendship and couple).I have little knowledge about love like that, but I know love is something you train!  Love and Peace~~~ (Trigun).  Oh I mean, love as something giving not just wanting.  Although you can do honey moon stuff when you are in love, I don't think that's love.  I guess maybe understand that.  Anyway, true, that is after being wife and husband >_<.  Oh, well, love is hmm somthing you need and you do everyday (like family, friend, activity, object, state, opinion, etc).  @_@  Ah, it's too long.   I like short.  So in brief, let's stay within love.

Eindbaas Jun 22, 2008

Hey, its great that you found your way to AP! ^_^

As for that top5, I dont really know about that either, maybe you need to flag them as ''watched'' or ''watching'' first?

Well, anyways, enjoy your staY! 

kenshina Jun 22, 2008

Hiya!  Welcome to AP (Anime-Planet)

o_o Oh, you don't like contact?  I say that too, but actually I kinda prefer to be social.  I may not act physically (activity), but talking and knowing is great.  I just want to know people, not to hang with them.  If I do hang, I guess, I will still be happy (although I won't show it).

It is hard to say who is bad who is good.  Because bad people can be nice or become nice, and nice people can be good but bad too.  People, I love them or at least I want to.  It is true that I have some people I simly can't stand, but I want to try to appreciate them.  What I don't like is: Acohol, drug, porn, ...  People needs to open their heart.  Needs to be more independent judge.   Know what is love (love is not about sex, it's something more deep, if you want, I can lecture teheh, although truly, It's only my thought; I have no proof of what love is).

It is true that putting too much perfum, just worst smell, but well...You think almost like me, but I will say, let's be happy with what there is and make it best.  Although you cannot change that, if you are the one changing, the rest will just follow (because th way you see will change first of all).

^_^ Anyway, enjoy your stay.  Let's be positive ~

P.s: As for me, I have fish >_<.  +, u have cute ava