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The Etue Contract of Equal Opportunity Wishes


By accepting this contract you are obligated to serve the greater good till death. After the terms contract has been fulfilled the contracted is granted one wish that is within reasonable possibility. By accepting this contract you will become a magical girl, who is entitled to fight that which the contractor specifies. The contractor is not obligated to fully inform the contracted on the status of their well being and their eventual goal. The contracted is not to question the contractor under any circumstance. The contractor is to be informed of any irragularities and any exchanges of information happening between the contracted and a third party if these exchanges are covered under what the this contract is related to. After the contract has been made it can not be abolished, be advised. 

When signing this contract:

  • You do not possess harmful intent against the contractor.
  • You do not possess harmful intent against the contractors operations. 
  • You do not deliberatly aid those who have harmful intent against the contractor or their operations.
  • You do not deliberatly withhold information from the contractor which is unfavourable for the contractor. 

Health coverage: 

The contracted shall not fall ill after the contract has been made, any physical damage will be restorable over time as long as the contracted is still alive. Upon death the contracted shall not receive burial costs nor shall they be relayed to family as their body is lost. Turning into a witch falls under occupational hazards. 

Occupational hazards

  • Minor Possibility of mental distortion due to work load.
  • Minor possiblity to be turned into a witch.
  • Minor risk of death.

* Do not copy or redistribute this contract to any party. Any attempts at stopping a possible contracted being contracted will be retaliated against with force. There is a possibility that your wish is not fulfilled in the manner that you deem appropriate, wishes cannot be regranted, magical powers might come with delay, if this happens to you please wait till your next life to contract us again. 


Anudevil13 avatar Anudevil13
Oct 5, 2013

Neeeveeeeeer `-`

Skylos avatar Skylos
Dec 22, 2012

I just saw this...

I'll sign.

One wish, eh? I'm not really after the wish. Being a Mahou Shoujo itself would be cool. I know the consequences.

Because, you know, if you're gonna take in a curse, that curse should be your ultimate goal---and that the consequences are but bonus features.

But fine, I wish I had a ten-foot burrito. 

DeathlyForce avatar DeathlyForce
Nov 24, 2012

Oh, are you the delivery man? Sure, I'll sign.


Wait a second, somethings wrong here.

*reads the contract*

What have I done...

NicoNicoDesu avatar NicoNicoDesu
Sep 23, 2012

Fine, I lost my dignity long ago...

*Signs contract.*

MrBlank avatar MrBlank
Sep 9, 2012

I will Sign....*scribbles a blank signature*

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