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Unofficial Newbies Rules to the Internet Forums

15 JUN


for those that don't know, yes anime planet has a forum.

The list:

1. Read the forum rules
2. Get a name
3. If your name has super, dark or flame in it refer to rule 2.
4. Get a goddamn avatar.
5. Everyone who hasn't got an avatar is a bot, no exceptions.
6. Forum, sub-forum, Thread, Post; learn it.
7. Read the goddamn sub-forum section rules. 
8. Newcomers have a 50% chance of being retarded.
9. Newcomers are bots until proven otherwise.
10. If a newcomer posts a link in their first post,it's a bot.
11. If a newcomer has plain text and a link in their signature, it's a bot.
12. If they say they are not a bot, read rule 8. 
13. Every time a opinion is stated as a fact someone shoots an alternate you, TWICE.
14. When multiplying your emoticons outnumbers your word count: don't post.
15. When your post stretches the width of the forum, FIX IT.
16. Use Paragraphs for fucks sake. 
17. Use goddamn punctuation.
18. Use the goddamn edit button. 
19. Don't type in your fucking native language if the forum isn't in your language.
20. Whenever you feel like posting something just to piss someone off, DONT. 
21. If you keep posting on the same subject in different threads, STOP.
22. Moderators are like ninja's, they strike when least expected.
23. Admins are like moderators, but more hotheaded. 
24. When you post something stupid, moderators will save it on a hidden forum and ridicule your forever.
25. Whatever you've posted, someone posted something better a long time ago.

What do you mean this is supposed to be an anime blog? HERESY! 

Disclaimer: This is meant to be amusing and should not be taken seriously.

the original is here: http://www.anime-planet.com/forum/showthread.php?t=185321


Doomoo avatar Doomoo
Jul 9, 2013

I lol'd so hard my sides hurt. This list is amazing.

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