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I am an Estonian girl living in the Netherlands. I watch mot genres of anime except for horror, but my favourites are drama, romance, fantasy and sci-fi. I consider myself quite new to anime as a whole (I only started watching a few years ago), but at the same time I am mature and experienced (when I didnt watch anime I read a lot and watched normal TV series), thus, getting "an above average grade" requires something beyond ordinary from any show. I do not enjoy anime that lacks depth and consists of basic boring jokes - that is not for me. Meanwhile, deep feelings or amazing twists in the storyline really make my day. My favourites, among others, are Code Geass (unexpected and exciting plot with powerful characters), Vampire Knight (best romance/drama ever), Elfen lied (full of strong emotions), Ah my goddess (romance and cool mystical powers) and Chobits (that one actually brought me into anime in the 1st place)

I do not read manga, but when it comes to literary genres I prefer pure fantasy. My favourite authors are Robin Hobb, Roger Zelazny, Tolkien and my recent new favourite is Brandon Sanderson. I am a member of an English speaking fantasy book club at lattesandliterature.nl

My other hobbies include  watching TV series (House, Bones, everything Sci-fi and fantasy(Stargate series, True Blood), and everything drama (Desperate Housewives)); MMORPG (L2, aion, wow etc); anmals (cats!); card-making


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Nov 14, 2010

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