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Yes! Everyone in Sweden is blond and will have sex with anyone (everyone!?) in sight.

I am currently studying for my master's degree in Chemical Engineering so I find alot less time for watching anime these days. I still do but I tend to bet on the safe cards now, i.e. something I've already seen. Hell, I hav'nt watched anything new in atleast a month :]

Top 5 list is not correct.

Good anime is only good when the mood is right. sometimes you want serious tuff, with alot of talking, sometimes you don't. Sometimes it pisses you off when all the girls wears revealing outfits and say stupid things. Sometime it doesnt.Hence, the top 5 is general.

The first times I watched anime

The absolute first anime I saw watched Akira. Although "watched" is more like "glanced at while playing Dark forces on a nearby playstation". This was more than ten years ago.

It didn't stick.

Alot later I by accident zapped to a Danish channel who was airing the final episode of blue submarine no. 6. I watched the entire episode but it was only about one year ago that I realised what I had been watching.

It didn't stick. After all, it was dubbed to danish. I both understand and speak Danish so that's not a problem. But Danish have a tendency to make everything sound unserious, humerous and even outright hilarious. "Kun et sonarping! Jahvel kaptejn! Fjend funnet! Godt, avfyr torpeder et og to!"

And a number of stray episodes from Dragonball, pokemón, shin-chan and God knows what else inbetween which didn't really spark any interest but nevertheless was looked at because...well. Dunno really. And it was dubbed to either Danish or Swedish. Pathetic :D

But, two years ago I followed a youtube link to the first Gunbuster 2 episode. And damn was I caught good and solid. Hooked ever since. Haven't got out of it either. But the interest really took of only about a year ago.

Have you ever laughed so hard so that you fractured a rib?

Remember the scene from Fullmetal Alchemist episode 37 were lieutenant Havoc is thinking about what major Armstrong's sister could look like and imagines her as being a copy of the major wearing a dress and a wig, stomping around on a meadow screaming "catch me if you can"?

So do I. First time I saw that scene I laughed so hard one of my ribbs got fractured (and that hurt dammit!) but i still continued to laugh :D

Chain-watching anime ftw!

After watching the first episode of Gantz I decided to look at all of them untill there were no more. Consequently I lost one nights sleep and missed a math-lesson :/

But damn it was good.

I've done the same thing for Lucky star. But I didn't miss any lessons because I didn't have any! Bwahaha!

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sothis Apr 3, 2008

Extremely long time no see o_o

VivisQueen Sep 7, 2007

Saw you on the random user page and found your avatar mildly amusing. Heh. Cool to see you've got an anime list, but where is your Top 5?

sothis Jul 25, 2007

I'm liking the recs so far! I hope you do more someday. ^_^ thanks!

Reawen Jul 21, 2007

That's a great picture! ^_^