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The Ones I Await In Anticipation For

I'm always waiting for new chapters to be out because I rarely drop a manga (unless it's truly terrible). These few are the ones I look forward to and eagerly anticipate. The ones which make me curse and whine when my cravings aren't satiated...

The Ones That Must Be Shortened

I might not dislike the anime on the list, but sometimes they are really too draggy. Be it too many fillers, long drawn-out battles which just kills the enjoyment factor, or repetitive themes, these are the shows which has to pick up the pace and...

The Ones Which Really Need A Continuation

These are the shows which need more episodes. Be it the manga story lines or just because I can't get enough of the anime, the ones on this list just has to be extended!

The Ones with A Satisfying Last Episode

Anime with a satisfying final episode to round up all your emotions. They don't necessarily show a definite ending (or even a end at all), but they're the best dessert to complete the grand course, y'know? ;-)