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 Doors not locked, enter if You wish.

(Mmm? Ah, a visitor? But here? Now? Strange)

 Ahh, yes, yes, enter my mysterious visitor. I know it's a bit dark here, but do not be scared. There's no Evil lurking here. Of that i can assure You. *Giggle*

I'm here, at the back of the room, try to make Your way here. Just watch Your head and footsteps, there's a lot of *ehm* things, yes things on the ground that is not meant to be stepped on.

Ah, yes, You're here, step into the light so i could see what kind of visitor i have here.


Well then. Nice to meet You. Sorry for not being very hospitable, not used to have guests here at this room.

You're welcome here, have a look around, though there's not very much to look at here anyway only scraps of paper, scripts and mountains of tomes piled up over time. Just do not touch anything, okay?! Things not very stable around here and can hurt if toppled down.

Feel free to sit down, *ghem*, if You find any clean and suitable thing to sit on that is.

Now then, how I can help You?

Surely You came here with a reason right? Everyone does.

Some asks for love potions, others for eternal life or to make them rich beyond measure and well other *mhm* things. Mmm?

What? You're here just for simple visit?

(How can that be?!)

I'm pleasantly suprised. Not many visitors of that kind find their way here.

Well then, tell me about Yourself then. I've become quite interested in Your personality.

Maybe We can even get along! Or even more!


Well for starter, here's a little bit about me:

I'm EmyR as for my true name, well lets save it for later, shall we?. I can mostly be found in the old and ancient lands of Lithuania in my home town of Klaipėda. My native tongue is old and hardly understandable, so i had to learn this foreing tongue to communicate. I have acquired some knowledge of the art called IT and will continue to do so. For better or for worse I have fallen for the dark magic also known as Japanization. It has shaped my life from early ages and still continue to do so.

Well that's enough for now i guess, now it's Your turn.






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AikoChan says...

Aisku :D

Jun 1, 2010
AikoChan says...

Grazus avatar :3

Is kokio anime? xD

May 31, 2010
AikoChan says...

Kazkaip laiko nera ir taip neprisiverciu paziuret xD

May 31, 2010
AikoChan says...

Labas =]

Net nezinau kodel xD

Gal del to kad anime nelabai besiziuri :P

May 31, 2010
wolfangel87 says...

We have similar anime tastes!  ^_^

Mar 31, 2010