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I love anime and pretty much run my high school's anime club. I wish i could start an ecchi anime club or an eroge fan club at my school but feel my teachers wouldnt enjoy it too much. I've gone to a psych ward once because my mum found out about my creepy loli obsession, and i want to become a psychologist partially to show people it is perfectly normal and healthy to enjoy any form of anime. I actually enjoy shojo a lot and find it hard to talk to my friends sometimes because they are only into shonen and dont enjoy shojo or echi too much.

I started watching anime as a kid. I still love DBZ, Yu Yu Hakusho (the first manga i read), Medabots, Zoids, Card Captor Sakura, pokemon, yugioh (which I still watch on TV when there is nothing better to do), digimon, Sailor Moon and many others.

I loved Ah! My Goddess and quoted it many a time hoping it would cause a magical force to bond me and a loved one forever, it hasnt worked yet but I'll keep trying.

I tend to listen to the words of Yamazaki from Welcome to the NHK a lot when i feel lonely.

I relate to Kirino more than her brother in Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Wake ga Nai and know exactly how she feels when she tells her brother he is grose for mixing reality with eroge.

and I hope to buy School Days as my first ever eroge.

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