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Hello!!! I love Fantasy, Sci-fi, Romance, Comedy, Adventure, Mystery, Sports, Shonen-ai. I don't watch much anime I mostly read manga, But I've been wanting/watching some series. I'm open to any recommendations, but keep in mind to add an age rating. There's nothing more that I can't stand is when I'm watching something and my parents walk in the room to be greeted by a naked girl's  giant (in most cases) bouncing boobs!! Really embarrassing! <_> That way, I know if I need to take  any precautions. I've been getting into old school manga recently. My first anime was Pokemon, first manga was the overtly-dramatic The Gentleman's Alliance cross.  


I love music especially Rap, Pop, Techno, Classical, and Alternative...

Any Questions, please feel free to ask.

Good day!!



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leilonii Oct 6, 2011

heyy again i watched spice and wolf it was good im in the middle of of fairy tali. ever heard of it? it is really good you should check it out sometime its really good not to much romance but its fun to imagine the couples it seems really typical but its not really i think you might like it if you like one peice anyway just felt like i should share about my latest anime. got any recs????

leilonii Aug 27, 2011

i love anime and ive been mostly into manga for a while i love shojo and seinen and lots more i dont like ecchi but intense but not si romance is also good i hate it when the mains are really stuped and dont know anything thanks for the comment just thought i should tell you a little bit about my self im in need of an anime or manga so hit me up if you have any recs


nasreen10 Aug 27, 2011

Thanks for the manga review comments!

I completely agree with you on the "girl is with abusive guy" issue. I think teasing and joking is cute but I know when that line is being crossed.

I'm a little embarrassed about the Absolute Boyfriend review. I think that was one of my first manga reviews and the way I write/rate has changed (as do most things with time and experience). I haven't read it in a while and I had to edit because I couldn't stand reading part of it. You're definitely right about the art style. I can hardly remember how the characters look like. However, I do remember not liking the girl.

I love josei as well. I used to be really into shoujo but I find the main leads to be annoying and fairly generic. It's as if it's the same plot with the same characters but a little twist. I do have some that I enjoy but for the most part, just hearing the summary makes me sigh. I do love romance which makes this quite the predictament. That's where josei comes in! I've been reading some and I definitely like this genre better than shoujo.

For some anime recommendations:

Toradora is my favorite romantic comedy. It has stellar characters, animation, soundtrack, and the plot just keeps you going.

Lovely Complex has a great concept and characters. The animation and soundtrack can use some work but it's easy to forgive with the way the story goes about. There is a manga which I would definitely recommend as well. It's a really great romantic comedy.

If you liked Honey and Clover manga, definitely watch the anime. It does the series justice and has great animation and a terrific soundtrack.

Clannad is great as a well. It's a romantic comedy and a harem (don't let this bother you though b/c it's actually done well). It has a sequel and a movie but I haven't seen either.

Sorry that these are only romance and comedy series but I don't watch much sci-fi and fantasy. Also, these are all have minimum if any ecchi so you don't have to worry about the parent issue. You could probably watch these with your parents and be fine.

Manga Recommendations:

I already mentioned Lovely Complex.

Try out Usagi Drop. There is a time skip/ending that most people don't like so beware of that. I know mainly who would like to stop before it occurs so I recommend reading it up to that point.

I've written reviews on all of these if you would like to know more about them.

Sorry for such a long comment and welcome to AP!

MrAnime Aug 22, 2011

Hello There!

My favorites are Sci-fi, Romance, Action and Comedy.

Welcome to Anime-Planet!