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Death Note

Nov 15, 2012


Wow. Death Note is just amazing. 0.o The anime and manga both, but as this is a review of the anime I will focus on this.

As the things I am supposed to rate it on start with story, I will start with that.

I gave story a 10 because first of all this plot is amazing, it's not anything overused at all, but you could see how it could happen, if a 'Death Note' fell into the hands of someone with an above average IQ and a strong sense of justice. The story has quite a few twist and turns too, and has many well thought out things, especially with the main character, Light's, many plans.

Next is animation & sound. I'm not an expert on either of these, but it is a 10 for both of them. A cool thing is it doesn't have much at all of the typical anime things that happen in most other, where the characters get all small/giant depending on their mood, it really is quite realistic.

If I could, I would rate the characters a billion. L, one of the characters, is my all time favorite anime character. All of the characters have great personalities, even the evil ones, and they seem to just get more complicated as the series goes on, every time you think you've get them figured out they say something or do something and you're just like WTF 0.o

So, in conclusion, this show is highly reommended, and you should watch it and see why it's all tens for yourself! ^_^

OLD VERSION(written when I was on epsidoe 21 c:)

Wow... that's a lot of tens, hehe! But Death Note deserves every single one. It's a one of a kind anime, with amazing characters, and an amazing plot.

Two of the characters, Light Yagami and 'L', have these incredible minds, they can figure out stuff instantly, it's kinda creepy D:

The animation and sound is brilliant also, they do superb jobs with the Shinigami, gods of death, especially Ryuk. ^-^

But yeah, mainly, this is an awesome anime, it's highly recommended! ^_^

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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