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I am open to any type of novel. Western, Horror, Science Fiction, you name it, I have probably read a book of its type. But one thing the younger version of me was always skeptical about was reading novels based on well...TV and movies. I mean that is pretty much fanfiction. Which is mostly written by twelve year old horny fan girls. Right? Right? Wrong.

What we have here is an interesting case. Written by NISIISIN in responses to the Death Note success the writer has taken it among himself to create a new chapter in the Death Note saga in the most fascinating of ways. Written amazingly well the writer manages to pull you in from the prologue. And it only manages to improve from there.

Story: This novel is interesting one because it takes a turn in a different direction. While the original focused on the killers perspective what we have here is a flash back in time with L and Naomi Misora. Set before the Kira killings ever took place, we are taught of the bond between her and L being both genius detectives working on what is called the BB murder cases. What are they? A man named Beyond Birthday is on the lose killing only those with matching initials in their name. Such as BB or MM. Together her and L work on solving the case, and even getting a deeper back story on L.

What made this novel so readable was quality writing. This could have been its own novel without the Death Note characters and it still would of been solid. The book keeps you guessing until the end, and can even make you laugh at points. The novel benefits from a relationship between the two characters that doesn't exactly hit it off right away thus creating a sense of struggle. Naomi is at times put off by L's strange behavior and makes her relatable in this sense. L is sort of the "comic relief" character but never once does it feel inappropriate. Some of the writing was gruesome enough to make it impossible to feel anything but sorrow for BB's victims. Overall, strong writing, just as strong as a regular novel in itself.

Characters: Same old L we know and love. Everyone seemed to be completely in character from the orginal manga and as mentioned before, the bond between the two felt strong and genuine. The novel took a lot more time to characterize the briefly mentioned Naomi Misora with positive results. Beyond Birthday achieved to be a very strong villain who was both mysterious but also very easy to dislike.

Overall: If you are a fan of Death Note then reading this novel should be at the top of your to-do-list. It is excellent and strong. I would check out other works by this author.

8/10 story
?/10 art
9/10 characters
9.5/10 overall
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