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Okay I admit it, I used to collect terrible manga, no I used to collect cringe worthy manga. Name every generic Shojo you can think of and I probably have it hidden in my collection. But what can be expected from a nerdy third grader who just thought she was so hardcore just for owning manga? And what can be expected from a third grader who thought she was so awesome for owning a manga rated ten and up?

But yes folks this manga is exactly that, a generic Shojo trying to disguise itself as a cleaver plot. Or cereal, or nuts or whatever the hell it is supposed to be.

The first question Instant Teen brings about right away is why the hell there Fruit Loops on the cover of a manga supposed to be about nuts? Or better yet, why does the whole freaking manga disguise itself as a box of cereal?

God only knows the answer to that question

But without any further ado lets jump right into this shall we? *shivers*

Story: Instant Teens story is so hardcore I can sum it up in a few sentences. Girl is sad she doesn't have breasts, Girl is given magical nuts to become a super-hot model for no reason what so ever. Girl instantly becomes a new sensation.

Yes folks what we have here is a steaming pile of crap disguised as a shojo whose main point centers around the fact that she is a whiny, boobless brat. The only thing she wants out of life is to have OMG BIG TITS LOL and doesn't seem to give a crap about anything else. Her childhood friend who is also SURPRISE her love interest seems to not find this usual at all that may I point out...a FIFTH grader is so hell bent is having boobs the size of Canada. He even begins to support her new fake modeling career. Apprently anyone who eats these magical nuts will become a more beautiful and older version of themselves but that begs one question...how come everyone just isn't given these nuts then the everyone would be successful? How come she can become a super model without even having to do any work besides stuff her fat face full of magic pink nuts? How come I am still jobless while she is stuffing her face and getting work? And why are the nuts pink? That seems more than a little suspicious if you get my drift.

So anyway the moral of this story is that big boobs are awesome. Boobs will make you happy and if you don't have titties then you just suck. You A cups should just go sit in a corner and cry because you need boobs to get anywhere. Seems real encouraging for a SHOJO manga no?

Art: While the story may seem cringe worthy enough, what we have for art quality is so low I'm not even sure if it can be called art. Maybe scribbles that were dropped in the toilet fished out in a desperate attempt of rescue but then dropped again and smeared with magic marker. Instant Teen's art is so bad words cannot even begin to describe it. While it may seem innocent enough from the cover, one peek inside of this horror and your eyes will begin melting out of your skull. Pages upon pages of art work that makes Chris Chan look like god will await you. The images will forever haunt your nightmares. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Characters: Characters? What Characters? I thought the only thing that mattered was titties? Honestly, I can't remember a single one of them. Well...this is awkward. But I do remember hating the titty girl a ton, and the child hood friend who was just there to have a title. Was he important to the story? I couldn't tell you, because the only thing I learned about the whole manga is that we should all get breast enhancements. And that is NOT a good sign.

Overall: Save yourself the time and stay far away from this. There is much better Shojos out there.

3/10 story
1/10 art
2/10 characters
2/10 overall
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