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Gatcha Gacha

Nov 13, 2012

Yes folks here it is. The example of everything a Shojo manga should not be. The one that if your mother finds you reading you feel instant shame. The kind that...oh never mind you get the point.

Gatcha Gacha really is one of the most terrible mangas I have ever read. And this is coming from a person who has only read one volume. I just couldn't read the rest. Oh lord I just couldn't. Let’s dive right in to this nightmare world in which there is no escape shall we?

Story: Gatcha Gacha has one of the most incredibly deep stories on the face of the planet. Poor Yuri, Our "loveable" protagonist has had eleven boyfriends. Makes you want to run out to store and buy right now am I right? But oh no! She has not just had eleven boyfriends, let me point out that she only dates the most sophisticated men. We got the sexy gambling addict, the cheaters, and that ever so handsome violent druggie. Don't forget to mention that one of the guys tried to get her to film a porn, I am not joking.

But anyway poor Yuri gets cheated on again and she is still surprised by this somehow. But Yuri is apparently very thick skinned and already over it, so she goes and flirts with this new sexy man instead. And he is wonderful to, he has all the loveable traits of her army of boyfriends times five. Sounds like a catch.

Gatcha Gacha is so deep because it teaches us all a very wise moral. Go for the most horrible men girls! No matter how abusive they seem they will change! Oh, and lesbians are bad, and people who like wresting suck eggs.

Art: Ugly at best. The characters were very visually unappealing to me. The character who was supposed to be beautiful looked very bland to me, and all the men in this book were ugly. First rule of Shojo is that you must have sexy men, no questions asked, Gatcha Gacha's art fails and reeks of it's own failure.

Characters: I wanted to kill them all. Not a single one that I liked in this horror that is called a Shojo. Yuri was dumber then the dirt stuck on my shoe. How a girl like this has eleven boyfriends is beyond me. I don't even see how she ever got one!

Overall: Terrible manga that made me cry. I tried to bring some joy back in myself after reading this manga by writing this review. If you say this review is harsh this manga deserves it, and after all,  reviews are biased.

1/10 story
3/10 art
0.5/10 characters
1/10 overall
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NicoNicoDesu Nov 17, 2012

This manga is now going onto my "Won't Read" list. Thanks for the funny review.

AirCommodore Nov 15, 2012

When I first read this review, I thought you said she had eleven boyfriends AT THE SAME TIME. Which was ridiculous and kind of mind-blowing. And then I re-read it, and noticed my mistake. Now it just seems like an awful/generic shoujo. I think I'll stay far far away.