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This is perhaps one of the most interesting and bizarre manga I have read in years. In CLAMPS take in the Alice of Wonderland tale, all of the major characters have been turned into sensual and at often times voluptuous women. One day while rushing to school our heroine Miyuki falls into a portal that literally opened in the sidewalk. What she then goes through is a very different and should I say very lesbian take on the Lewis Carroll classic.

Story: Since this follows Alice in Wonderland almost to a tee the story is not original in any sense. But traveling deep into the perverted mind of CLAMP can really be a trip that you won't forget soon enough. (read "Chobits" and tell me CLAMP is not perverted) However the sensuality of this manga is in fact what separates it from Alice in Wonderland. Maybe not always in the best of ways but fans of yuri should give this a go. One of the things I thought was brilliant about this work however is how we see Miyuki is stuck in a trap of repeating this process for what seems is eternity. The way CLAMP designed this really can strike a cord and leave you no choice but to count the endless possibilities of how poor Miyuki will just ever make it to school on time. Since I really liked this twist in the story, I brought the score up to beyond average.

Art: If I have to make a review on CLAMPS artwork...well...you must be new around here. Brilliant as always. Although in some places it seemed a little bit sloppy for CLAMP's standards. But a little bit sloppy for CLAMP is still a master piece compared to some of the other manga artwork out there so it's acceptable.

Characters: Weak, very weak for this work. But since it is a one shot I don't expect huge character devolvement, but what really did we learn about Miyuki by the end? She didn't even really seem to have a personality let other seem like a real person. CLAMP made a huge mistake by adding in cardboard cutout characters and since everyone holds them in such high regard it almost seems worse. If you’re looking for rich and likeable characters you really won't find them here.

Overall: Wonderland is nice, quick, and bizarre read. Not the best of CLAMP's works but however certainly not the worst. CLAMP fans should give it a go but however I couldn't really recommend this work to other demographics.

6/10 story
8/10 art
2/10 characters
6/10 overall
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