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Cyber Idol Mink

Jun 7, 2012

I am a huge fan of the works of Megumi Tachikawa, from the wonderful thief "Saint Tail" to the sweeping story of "Dream Saga," Megumi Tachikawa has created some of the mangas I am most proud to of owned. So then...you begin to ask...what went wrong with this story? Well the question is...what DIDN'T go wrong with this story?

Story: The story (or lack therefore) is relatively simple. A young girl and her two friends are excited about the release of a new CD from their favorite band. Picking up the CD however they discover another disk in its place. Titled "WANNA-BE" the first thing that struck the girls odd about this particular disk is the year it was made...2099.

Long story short Mink (our main character) creates a pop idol version of herself and instantly (somehow) becomes a huge success. She right away has a manager, a place to work and a job offering for a blueberry tea commercial. This to me was absolutely ridiculous. It just goes to show, look pretty, make it somewhere in this world. Which is the only reason she was given any attention in the first place...she was pretty. No one had heard her sing and yet they had already decided that she was a huge celebrity. If only fame was that easy.

The story starts to get real bad when Mink's two other friends become pop idols as well, once again they are instantly offered jobs and form a three group band called "Minkle" as if this story could get any lamer but bear with me...it does.

Using the software from the future is apparently illegal, so if "Mink" reveals to anyone that she is actually the pop idol "Mink" she could get erased. How many people are named "Mink" in the world? I swear to god I feel like I am reading a manga version of Hannah Montana...oh wait the plot is basically the same.

Characters: Aww yes the characters...where to start with these....how about I hated them all? They were all boring, shallow, lifeless characters who had no interest in anything but their own motives. Not only that, we never even really learned anything about them. What is the most interesting thing we learned about Mink? Oh yeah she apparently likes strawberries a lot, because that is going to take us through the rest of the series. Oh and yes...she liked her manager to but what are Mink's other interests? I couldn't tell you.

Art: The art is the only reason I still own these books. The style is cute and bubbly...typical of Tachikawa, but has shown progress from the Saint Tail years. I would love to see her other books now, as her art seem to improve in each new story.

Overall: The art is the only thing of value in this book. If you like Hannah Montana pick this up, if you like actually well-developed stories move past this. Interested in works by Tachikawa? I would suggest "Dream Saga" skip over this.

2/10 story
9/10 art
3/10 characters
4/10 overall
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