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May 4, 2012

Why would anyone want to read this manga? Really what is the point? The characters...the story...the plot...everything in this horrid of a manga is just awful.

The story follows around two teenage girls named Ami and Noa. For all of their lives they have been competing with one another for love. But in the end, they fall for the same guy, and scare him away leaving them both without dates. But one day at a party, they both fall for two different guys. Despite the fact that their targets are different the two of them now intend to compete for one another for their firsts: first kiss, first dates, and first one to date the young men.

First major problem with this story? The characters. Ami and Noa and shallow, two dimensional, and completely unlikeable. Really why do any of us care about two slutty girls who seem desperate to just give themselves away to anyone? Why should we care about two girls who spend every waking moment worrying about boys instead of focusing on things that matter? And school is what should matter at that point. Why do they seem to think that they are apparently "losers" because they have yet to date anyone? I never dated anyone until I was sixteen and even now I wish I would of waited, they are not missing out on much, just drama that could be avoided, fights that could of been avoided, and less stress contributing to the already irritating situation of high school. Trust me Ami and Noa...YOU ARE NOT MISSING OUT ON MUCH.

Second major problem? The two guys that they fall for are horrible...the worst part is that they know it. So what? Are we encouraging young girls to get involved with horrible men to give them the idea that they will change? Get real. Men like that never change, and we, should defiantly not be giving young girls that message. I have been in an emotional abusive relationship so I may feel more strongly about this than others...but mangas should not be telling us that this is okay!

If you like shallow love stories then this may be your cup of tea, but if you want a developed plot and likeable characters, turn away from this.

2/10 story
7/10 art
3/10 characters
2/10 overall
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