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Dream Saga

Dream Saga, although it begins to be a very typical Fantasy Shojo Manga, soon begins to reveal it's very unique take on a very ancient, but much respected Japanese legend. When ten year old Yuuki on her way to school is suddenly surprised when a curved shaped stone literally falls right in her hand. She soon learns of others who hold these stones are the chosen that can enter the land of Takamagahara, the world of dreams. Their mission? To save the dying sun and restore nature's faith in humanity to save the Earth.

Although Dream Saga has a very strong story and solid art, the problem lies in the presentation of the characters. We the readers in five short volumes are not given the opportunity to really learn who each character was. What inspires Yuuki's love for nature? What is the back story on her and Takaomi? Things that would have interested and added to the story for the readers are not, in the very least, very well told. I for one would have loved to learned more about Keima, the oddity who loves to dig through trash. It was a very unique character trait on Ms Tachikawa's part, but why does he do this? Questions like this, which would be asked by most readers, are never answered.

Despite the criticism for the characters, Dream Saga is a hidden gem. The plot is stellar and unique and the last volume especially, I can honestly say is one of the most powerful mangas I have ever read. If anything read the series to understand the last volume. It is not too often you find a manga with a moral besides the typical "Love solves all!" instead, Tachikawa teaches us about respect for nature, and it never once feels as if that moral is forced.

Overall, despite the age rating of ten and up, I recommend this to any young woman with an interest in the magical girl genre.

8/10 story
8/10 art
6/10 characters
8/10 overall
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Reyna says...

Great review!I also love Dream Saga as despite it's cliches it feels very refreshing and different from other fantasy shoujo manga. I do agree that the biggest flaw the characters had was the lack of time for character developement, but I also liked them all none the less.Still sad to this day they never made an anime out of this. It would've worked insanely well I think.

Dec 28, 2014