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I have to say it out first. If you think, that this anime looks like Yaoi, also known as ‘boys love’, and I agree, it does look like it, you are wrong. But everything in this anime, does lead into there, while it never reaches its destination.


Well, basically it’s about 4 dudes, who want to swim together, while one of them only swims free style. He loves water; he would marry it, have children and live happily ever after. But since he cannot do that, because of obvious reasons, he simply goes inside it every day. It sounded so dirty…

So, the story involves also his love, err, I mean best friend, who he swims with, takes part of one tournament and then his boyfriend… err, damn I mean best friend forever, whose name is Rin, leaves to Australia, to get even better in swimming. Haruka boyf… I mean Rin goes retard mode though and starts bitching.

So, the old members of group, Haruka, Makoto and Nagisa, start swimming club and try to earn Rins trust back.

Story itself is damn basic, but they have made that story into good story, with all the humour between. You really must love anime, to understand those jokes. And I must admit that I, who hates animes what is almost fully about boys, also enjoyed it. Also, it teaches you to love your friends, physically.

It gets 7/10 from me.


Well, there wasn’t that much Animation, to think about. There were lot of swimming and then they travelled to different universe in the middle of swimming. Also they had a lot of drama in same spot a lot. Oh, and I better not forget about love drama, between Makoto and Ocean, which was rather interestingly animated. But there wasn’t anything amazing either, which would leave my mouth dropped for a while. Also, Rin mouth is funny. I mean it.

Have you ever seen shark in Anime, human shark, if we count One Piece out. You will see it there.

It gets also 7/10 from me.


Ha, if I listen to the music, first thing I think about is Yaoi, which it isn’t. It was interesting thought.  I am most happy about that, they had plenty of soundtracks for the whole anime. More than I would ask from 12 episode anime.

So, well done!

Go listen playlist here!

I give it 8/10.


Now, I must say, characters were rather well built, while there were obviously things to whine about. I mean, why Rin was all the time so bitchy. And why his teeth are like that. Seriously, I think his grand-grand-grand-grandfather was married with shark and I won’t comment what happened after that.

And how the hell Haruka is so water obsessed? How can he be so dull? Makes me feel like he is robot.

And how the hell Makoto hasn’t had sex with Haruk… oh wait, it isn’t boys love. Ignore that sentence.

Why Gou hasn’t fallen in love with Haruka yet? It would give so much more for this anime. I would had actually enjoyed it more.

I am certain Aiichiro loves Rin. Now that is obvious…. Hah, gayyy.

Basically, characters were interesting, but even then, they missed some obvious elements. I guess they simply were punch of weirdos.

Thus, without other boy-love notice, I give it 8/10.


So, if you like boy-love, err I mean, if you like swimming and sport anime and you love how boys have fun together, then it is for you.  If you hate it, give it a chance, you might like it, as it has nothing to do with boys love. I promise.

Total score: 7.5/10.

7/10 story
7/10 animation
8/10 sound
8/10 characters
7.5/10 overall

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