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I must admit, it was rather good, for anime which happens completely in-doors, what kills prettiest girl at the very start of anime & which gives way too much confusion at the beginning. This was actually one of those animes, what I did wait every week and what makes me yet again wish for second season. And it looks like it will have, if we look the very last few seconds of last episode.


So, story is about super duper high school students, who actually are held as prisoners in school. They meet pedobear (That’s what I like to call him), who tells them that they need to stay in that school forever. Of course students don’t like that, so pedobear introduces a way out. Someone must kill somebody else. And that is not all, after murder, there will be detective work from everyone to decide, who killed. If they decide on innocent person, murderer will be set free and everyone else will be punished. In case it is opposite, murderer gets punished and everyone will have to live on in that place… forever… or till new murder happens.

So, since this show was made, murders of course do happen and so does basic detective work. I still think that Detective Conan is better with detective side thought.

There are tons of mysteries thought and most of them do get answers, while some of them were left unanswered. But considering that there was huge for second season, they also might get fully answered.

Anime itself was very good thought and very entertaining. But at the same time, it wasn’t anything that special, as I did feel a little bit bored once in a while.

Oh, also, by punished, I meant death.

Thus it gets 8 / 10 from me.


It was really good! They did amazing animation, considering it was always inside the building, especially punishing part.  Character design, movements looked really good. Emotions were really well animated, when somebody panicked, you could read it from their faces. There were really question mark points, where you think “is he really depressed or is he… sarcasm styling or something?” It was probably just me.

But yeah, not only animation, but the graphical part was also amazing. Huge thumbs up on that part. Well done!

I simply have to give this anime max for that: 10/10.


Another great category what actually describes this anime. It has amazing intro music, outro music and every background sound. I really enjoyed every single soundtrack it had. I don’t know what else to say. Simply great, enjoyable.

Another 10/10.


Sadly, it is something, what was mission from anime. Characters were half built, in my opinion. Since over half were punished, we didn’t get to know most characters and those who we did get to know, were rather mysterious. Especially Kirikiri (who looked damn hot), she was simply mystery itself. We did get few answers, but a lot of actions weren’t explained.

Also, who is monokuma? What does he really want? Personalities were well made, but still with lot of holes. I think, if they could have done that part better, it could have been amazing overall.

Voice acting was rather okay. Some parts were annoying, as they simply felt like they were faking. But else, it felt good enough.

I really did not get to know characters very well. They were interesting, no doubt, but they could have been built a better. Also, I took a notice, which annoyed me a lot, that almost every single one of them were way too ‘depressed’, which made them look like idiots. It might fit with the anime, but to me, it was too much. In the end, there were 2 solvers, 1 wannabe solver and everyone else simply… were there.

Can’t give it more then 6/10.


Anime itself was very good, I recommend watch it, especially for those, who like detective style animes. And I do hope for season 2, as then I feel, like it will be more complete.

Total score: 8.5/ 10.

8/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
6/10 characters
8.5/10 overall
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zegari Dec 30, 2013

yeah thtas what most people say that the character devolopement was a little lacking but this series was based off a game and they wanted to get it all into 12 episodes. fitting a game ( where some people might spend up to 10 hours or more) into 4 hours of anime they, in my opinion, did a good job, i personaly cant wait till they come out with the second part